Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

1. Scholarship applicants must hold either a ‘conditional’ or ‘unconditional’ offer for a postgraduate taught programme at UEA in order to be considered for a scholarship.

2. Students who are offered a scholarship must accept the scholarship offer within 4 weeks.

3. The scholarship awarded shall be awarded for the duration of study, unless stated otherwise.

4. The award shall be made as a tuition fee scholarship, meaning that fees will be reduced by the amount specified. No cheque or payment shall be made directly to the student. Scholarship holders remain liable for paying any remaining tuition fees to the UEA. 

5. The award and the payment of a deposit are not interchangeable - international students are still required to pay a deposit by the deadline, unless they hold a full scholarship.

6. The scholarship applies to Overseas fee payers. If the fee status changes during their course from Overseas to Home/EU Fees the scholarship shall be discontinued.

7. The scholarship awarded will be exclusive and students cannot receive another UEA award as well. Where applicants are offered a second UEA scholarship, the scholarship worth the greater financial sum will be awarded only.

8. Students sponsored for full tuition fees by an outside body or government organisation will not be eligible for this scholarship. However students applying for, or expecting to receive, government loans are eligible to apply.

9. If an applicant defers their entry onto the course to a following year, then the scholarship award will be removed. The applicant may be considered again the following year, but any award cannot be guaranteed.

10. The scholarship is offered for a specified course; there is no guarantee that the scholarship will be transferred to an alternative course.

11. Scholarship holders must successfully complete their academic course of study.

12. Scholarship holders agree to attend the annual international scholarship awardees event and undertake to write at least one student testimonial whilst studying at UEA, and they agree that their testimonial and photograph can be used in publicity material.

13. Scholarship holders, upon request, must be prepared to send a testimonial one year after graduation informing the University of their current position and how their education at UEA helped them secure their career goals.

14. Scholarship recipients must complete a UEA new students’ survey.


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