The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a campus based university with a student population of 15,000 and is home to more than 4000 International and EU students from over 120 countries.

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West African Student Ambassador

I am Karen Boakye-Danquah, second year student of Pharmacology and Drug Discovery. I am the new International Student Ambassador for West Africa. I made a decision to study at UEA because they gave me another opportunity to achieve my goal. UEA offers a variety of foundation year courses which once again created a career pathway for me. Moreover, the university’s School of Pharmacy is one of the best in the country as well as ranked 12th for overall academic excellence by the United Kingdom university league table.
Starting university was a new chapter in my life hence I had to make sure whatever decision I made would have a positive outcome. UEA being ranked very highly for student satisfaction also meant that the school really had the interest of their students at heart hence I didn’t hesitate to note that down. I have been at UEA for three years now and the university does take the opinions of its students into consideration. During my applicant day visit to the university, I was informed about the 24hour access to the library and truly they have not let me down. 
UEA is always keen on supporting its students hence the SSS (Student support Service) previously known as the Dean of Students are available via appointment to give any form of assistance either academic or financial. The lecturers also have one to one contact with students for academic assistance while each student has an academic advisor to guide their decisions at university.
Furthermore, UEA takes their student survey into consideration. Although, the university had lots of reading spaces available in the library, the library becomes very packed during exams window hence other students struggled to find somewhere to study but the university has currently undergone construction to solve this problem. Likewise, another reason why I love the university.
Above all, the UEA campus has everything you need to help you settle in but Norwich City itself has fantastic shops, restaurants, cinemas and many more. Likewise there is also a medical centre on campus
Moreover, most international and home students seem to enjoy their studies in UEA and love the city itself. UEA has the best facilities, both educational and sporting.
I believe, whether you are an international or home student UEA has measures in place to make you feel at home. You feel loved and cared for! The bunny rabbits on campus seem to excite people too.

If you have any questions about studying at the University of East Anglia, please do not hesitate to contact me either via the West African Students Facebook page or you can email me at

We are not currently attending any international study fairs in your country.  Please keep checking this page for details of future events.

If you are planning a trip to the UK, why not come and pay us a visit?

The University offers Visit Days and Campus Tours throughout the year. Our tours are geared towards giving international visitors the opportunity to experience our unique surroundings and first-class facilities. Have a look at Campus Views to get a feel for the campus.

Holders of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) with a recognised foundation/access qualification, may be considered for direct admission to Bachelor degree courses.

Holders of the International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum 32 - 35 points, or 'A' levels obtained in Ghana, will be considered for direct admission to Bachelor degree programmes. Details of the required 'A' level subjects for each course and the grades required, can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

Holders of the Tarkwa School of Mines Diploma or the Advanced Teacher Training College Diploma will be considered for direct entry to Bachelor degree courses. Candidates with exceptional grades will be considered for advanced entry.

Holders of a Bachelor degree with honours will be considered for entry to postgraduate study.

We accept WAEC / WASSC / NECO taken within the last ten years, at a minimum level of C6 as evidence of your English language skills. In cases where the certificate is older than ten years, evidence of use of English in the intervening period either through work or further study at a recognised institution may be taken into consideration.


All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

Undergraduate - English Language Requirements

Test Score
PTE 55

Postgraduate Taught and Research - English Language Requirements

Test Score
PTE 62

Academic English Assistance

For those not meeting the above academic and/or English language requirements for direct entry, INTO University of East Anglia offers a wide range of Academic Preparation and English Language Programmes designed to assist applicants enter UEA degree courses.

UEA works with partners around the world to promote our programmes and provide a service to students applying to the University.  These partners have been carefully selected and we provide regular training to ensure that UEA is accurately represented and that the applicant experience is good. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your applicant experience,  please contact us.

Approved Agents

BA Economics

Norwich is a very wonderful place to be as a student. The city can boast of a very rich cultural setting and environment. I applied to the University of East-Anglia without any knowledge of how the city of Norwich would be like, and I wanted a University which had a high course rating. I have enjoyed every bit of my University experience so far from my first day in the University.

Though fun and exciting, my University experience has been challenging, but with the help of academic advisors and student advisory services, I have been able to overcome these challenges and learnt how to combine independent study with my social life. The various clubs and societies also helped me settle in very comfortably and created an avenue for me to meet and learn other cultures.

Overall, if you are driven to succeed in a student-friendly environment, enjoy working and bringing the best out of yourself, excited in working in teams and groups, sports and want to learn how to be self-motivated then UEA is the right University for you.


Hi, my name is Phillipa, second year Biological and Medicinal Chemistry student at The University of East Anglia. I chose to study here primarily because The University of East Anglia answered all my queries regarding my aspired university course. More so, the university's serene environment was and still is attractive.I like the fact that it is a campus based university.

The University of East Anglia is ranked top 15th by The Guardian in the United Kingdom universities league table. UEA was also ranked 1st in the University Student Choice Awards. This proves how dedicated and committed the university is to the wellbeing of its students. The lecturers and other non-teaching staff are friendly and always willing to help students. The library is open 24 hours each day and there are several other quiet places for study on campus therefore you are never short of study facilities when you need them.

Going to university is generally challenging for most students, however its even more nerve racking when you have to travel miles away from your family and friends to study. The University of East Anglia provides all the needed support to enable its international student’s to transition more comfortably into their new academic environment as well as social lives.

The University of East Anglia being a campus university means everything you need is within walking distance. Such as: restaurants, bookshops, banks, shops, a large sports park and a medical centre all within a 5 minute walking distance. This makes it convenient if you do not want to go into the city. However the city is just a bus ride-away from the campus. There are numerous buses that take you to the city and all around Norwich making travel here convenient.  Norwich is a beautiful city and there is a lot to see and do ranging from the castle to the shopping malls and the numerous restaurants. It’s a Fantastic City!

The good people of Norwich are very friendly and helpful. Norwich has proved to be a fun and exciting place to live and the good transport system links to other parts of the country make living here very convenient. There is a lot to get involved in on campus and students are always planning and holding events including fashion shows and the international party which is one of the biggest events on campus.

The University of East Anglia has been a good place for me to live and study and I am sure other students share the same view. I hope any prospective students will enjoy it as much as I do and will be willing to at least visit to see what it has to offer for their academic studies as well as personal development. 


Media and International Development

Choosing to pursue my postgraduate degree at UEA is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was able to find the right course (Media and International Development) to suit my career ambition, the application process was not cumbersome, and communication with UEA from my country till my arrival at school was frequent and effective. My experience at UEA has been awesome! The Lecturers are well experienced and highly competitive in their fields, and are always ready to give you their undivided attention when the need arises. The school has got state of the art facilities to aid students in their research and study experience during their academic journey. There’s a 24-hour library, a sports park with different sports societies to help keep you fit, affordable accommodation, and a Career Centre to guide students in making good career choices; I like the idea that the school is not only concerned about the academic life of students but also about their post-academic life (careers). UEA is located in the city of Norwich, which is one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the United Kingdom.

Kwesi Obeng

MA in International Relations and Development Studies (2004-05)

What did you study at UEA and when did you graduate?
I studied MA in International Relations and Development Studies and graduated in 2005.

What are your best memories of studying at UEA?
Quite a lot! Compact campus, the lake and friendly teaching and non-teaching staff and mates. Volunteering as a "Union Helper" to welcome new first year students was particularly exciting. I even met British students (and their parents) who had just returned from holidaying in Ghana. I met some of my best UEA friends while volunteering on campus. I also found lecturers to be so patient and extremely helpful. My advisor(s) were always available to discuss any issues. I also made a number of very good friends that we're still in touch with each other five years after graduation. I remember vividly settling on the exact topic and scope of my MA thesis during a trip to EU and NATO head office in Belgium while having a hearty chat with IR Course Convenor, Mike Bowker. IR postgraduate secretary, Judith O'Brien was exceptionally helpful. The small-group debates in EU in International Affairs module taught by Dr. Vassiliki Koutrakou, are always fresh on my mind. In one of such debates, I had to debate two of my mates alone because my debating partner made a last minute shift to another module – leaving me to battle two brilliant mates. I understand I won the debate!

Your current location
Accra, GHANA

Current job title and occupation
Programme Officer & assistant editor of African Agenda, a bi-monthly magazine with worldwide circulation.

Employer and industry
Third World Network-Africa (TWN-Africa) & Policy Think-Tank/NGO

How did you go about finding employment opportunities?
I combed the internet and forwarded my CV to institutions that I knew with my academic background and work experience I could make significant contributions to achieving their objectives as well as be professionally fulfilled. I also contacted professional networks, friends and family networks for pointers.

Please explain how your career has developed from when you graduated, to how you got to where you are today - mentioning the steps that you took along the way
I actually got my current job after a friend alerted me of a job advert he had seen minutes earlier in Ghana's most widely read daily newspaper, the Daily Graphic. I applied for it, and after a reasonably tough three-stage interview and assessment process, I was appointed. Prior to my current job on return from UEA, I was working with Multimedia Group Limited, a Ghanaian media and entertainment company, as the online editor of, one of the country's two most popular portals. This was an exciting job too because I had practised journalism in Ghana and Florida (USA) before coming to UEA for postgrad studies and I bought into the vision of Multimedia Group which also owns Ghana's most respected independent radio station, JOY FM.  Presently, I am largely into policy analyses, Africa's political economy, to be precise international trade and investment; extractive industry – mining and oil; and gender. The knowledge, experiences and skills I acquired at UEA have served me particularly well at my current job, in part because of the modules I studied, as well as, the core area of TWN-Africa's research and advocacy work –Africa's political economy and the shifting terrain of global economic (and possibly military) power currently underway. I also get to travel around the world quite a lot – from ECOWAS, to African Union, World Trade Organisation, UN, EU-Africa, World Economic Forum and Social Watch meetings.

What would your advice be, to current students, on how to find employment?
To start with, pay attention to what is happening not simply at the local level but also the international level. Every minute of your time at UEA is very valuable. Thirdly broaden and maintain communication with your networks as well as build new ones of professionals, friends and institutions in the sector of society you would most prefer to work in. This is particularly important because while you were away there certainly were developments, good or bad, and you may have to fall on some of these networks or members of these networks and contacts to point you in the right direction for a job, a better job on completion of your studies.

What skills did you acquire during your studies, which help you in your present role?
Analytical, debating and networking skills are three of the most important i acquired at UEA. These skills are incidentally very critical to my current role. Because of the character of TWN-Africa's work and its relations to a range of local, national, regional, continental and international actors, both governmental and non-governmental, it is insufficient to have just one or two of these three important skills. My time at UEA definitely honed my knack for policy analysis especially in the area of international development and democratisation.

Do you have any further advice for future international students, regarding career planning and the University experience?
Don't just be interested in a course but carefully think about how you may apply what you study on return to your home. It is also crucial to speak to people who are in the sector or industry in which you aspire to work in before leaving for school abroad, this way the modules you pick as part of your course as well as the subject of your thesis would come in handy when you're done with your course. Then again, it would be much easier to return to some of these same industry players to enquire if there are any vacancies and/or for pointers to job vacancies. Lastly, UEA is a great place and Norwich a great city too and I miss them! Make the time, if you can, to go to Language School and enrol in one of the languages because the world is changing so fast and it is just important you can work in more than one international language. 

Fees 2018-19

For full details of overseas students fees and information on fee status please visit these Planning Office pages.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to small increases for any subsequent years of study.

Funding 2018-19

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Vice Chancellors International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships

The Vice Chancellors International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships are designed to reward outstanding international applicants, who have been offered a place to study with UEA. Scholarships are awarded in amounts of 25% or 50% of your tuition fees and are deducted on a yearly basis from your tuition fees. For more information see our International Undergraduate Scholarships page

Sub-Saharan Africa Postgraduate (Taught) Masters Scholarships 2018/19  

All self-funded Postgraduate (taught) Masters applicants from Sub-Saharan Africa will automatically be awarded a scholarship of between £4000-£6000. The amount of scholarship awarded will be dependent on your academic background.  

  • £4000 (GBP) Scholarship - if you are offered a place on any postgraduate (taught) masters courses at UEA 
  • £5000 (GBP) Scholarship - if you are offered a place on any postgraduate (taught) masters courses at UEA and previously achieved a ‘high’ second class upper undergraduate degree (65-69% in a UK degree or international equivalent)   
  • £6000 (GBP) Scholarship - if you are offered a place on any postgraduate (taught) masters courses at UEA and previously achieved a first class upper undergraduate degree (or international equivalent)

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