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UEA is a campus based university with a student population of 16,000 and is home to more than 4000 International and EU students from over 120 countries. You can meet our staff and students at various events around the world and in the UK. 

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Zou Qianhui

Hi, everyone! My name is Zou and I am china ambassador here for you in UEA. I am currently doing media studies in UEA. As a second year student, I have to say that the course really brings me a lot of fun while learning all the practical stuffs. We have film production and TV production, which you could experience working in the TV studio and get hold of all those big shooting equipment. Plus, I chose Japanese as one of my modules this year, it is so much fun when you could literally talk to Japanese students in the conversation session in Japan society. If you are also into learning new language like me, UEA provides loads of languages courses both in daytime and night time for all students.

Moreover, what intrigues me more is the after-school life here.  Apart from the societies of the countries you like, we have numerous unique society, enriching your leisure time. For example, if you are a garlic bread lover, why not join the garlic bread society. Besides, we have a great number of sport clubs, I am also doing taekwondo twice a week in the largest indoor sportspark on UK campus. When you are tired of study, you’d better drop yourself in the yoga, body pump or indoor cycling session here, it’s stress relieving and it is a good place to hang out with your friends.

Last but not least, Norwich is not only an awarded literature city, it is also the safest city in the UK. If you want a chilled and peaceful study atmosphere, study here. And as a location advantage, we are close to Cambridge and London, which means you could easily go to academic seminars you like and visit a lot of famous writers and scholars coming from china in Cambridge and experience the authentic big city life in London. After that, you will gradually feel the attractiveness of Norwich.


Anyway, please get in touch with me if you have any questions. I will be so happy if I could solve any questions for you!

Email: Chinesestudents@uea.ac.uk 

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We are regularly attending events in your country and welcome your interest. Please feel free to contact the relevant staff member responsible for your region or check our Meet us page for more of our upcoming fairs.

Alternatively, If you are planning a trip to the UK, why not come and pay us a visit?

The University offers Open Days and Campus Tours throughout the year. Our tours are geared towards giving international visitors the opportunity to experience our unique surroundings and first-class facilities. 

See what life is like on our campus and in Norwich and Norfolk.

Student Stories Student Stories

China: Lei Deng - MSc Marketing (with Pre-Sessional English)

I am Lei Deng, studying MSc Marketing at Norwich Business School. I had a 12-week pre-sessional English course at INTO before I started my master degree at UEA. I found pre-sessional English course helpful in terms of improving my English language skills, as well as preparing myself for academic studies later on.

Pre-sessional English course usually takes the form of small study groups. There were 17 students in my group. I was able to smoothly blend in the atmosphere of group study, whilst receive sufficient attention, guidance and care from my tutors Mike and Jeanne who cared about everyone else just in the same way.

Pre-sessional English course covers listening, speaking, reading and writing of English. My classes ran for four hours every weekday. One tutor taught listening and speaking classes while the other taught reading and writing, so the specialization was clear. Teaching and learning materials were also supposed to be closely related to academic study afterwards. A typical listening class would involve note-taking whilst listening/watching TED videos in which speakers delivered speeches in a reasonable pace. Another learning activity that appeared to help prepare me for master study was seminar discussion. In groups of four, we were required to discuss around assigned topics for a limited time period. Tutors observed us sharing ideas and thoughts, based on which they provided us with comments and feedback. I was also very carefully guided through the process of writing an academic essay.

Pre-sessional English course helped to boost my confidence and at the end of it, I very much looked forward to enjoying my master study. Whilst taking this course, I had the time to get settled before engaging in busy academic study. Even after the end of the course, we continue to gather together with group mates and tutors like a big family. Some groups went to Broads, some groups had students visited their tutor’s house, and some groups had BBQ by UEA lake.






China: Yuhang Li - MSc Accounting and Financial Management

Hi, I am Yuhang Li or Tony for short. I was a postgraduate student of Norwich Business School. I chose UEA as the best choice among all my offers and came here with great pleasure. I definitely made the right decision!

UEA is a bustling university on the east coast of England, well-known for its world leading research on climate change and the Sainsbury Centre.  A lush green campus next to Earlham Park and just 15 minutes by bus from the city centre make this a great place to study and live in.

My major was International Accounting and Financial Management and I gained a deeper understanding of my subjects through diverse teaching methods. Lectures are state-of-the-art, focusing on the latest issues happening around the globe and combining handouts with practicals. The seminars are delivered to small groups providing you with a great opportunity to interact with your tutors and classmates and making sure that you play an active part in your learning. You can choose from a range of options from the business studies courses. The course leader was a tutor at Cambridge University and taught in world leading financial training institutions for decades.  She helped me a lot and gave me greater confidence for taking the ACCA exams.

UEA has various kinds of societies and clubs like Debating Society, Red Cross and Water Aid, offering students many inspiring activities and promoting the integration of international students into the University.  Other events around campus enable us to make new friends from all over the world and to find out more about local culture.

The campus provides students with all the services they could need.  The library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with plenty of space for studying and an impressive range of resources.  Other facilities, including a medical centre and an accommodation office, are also very helpful.

Living on campus is also a fantastic experience. UEA provides you with at least eight types of different accommodation to choose from.  As our supporting team works around the clock, your campus living will be safe and comfortable. If you want to live off campus, UEA will be able to present you with other options to choose from.

UEA is a UK top 15 university (ranked 14th in the Guardian University Guide) and, I think, a fantastic choice to prepare you for your future career.  

China: Qian ZhengYi - PhD Film Studies

My name is Qian ZhengYi. I`m a UEA postgraduate student who is doing his first year PhD course in Film Studies. I just finished my Masters Degree in Film Studies here last year and I decided to continue my PhD research. The reason I choose UEA is because of its high reputation in Media Studies and particularly Film Studies. It has a solid academic team with well-known staff and modern facilities to support your studies. There are many opportunities to get involved with the latest academic research in your field through conferences, research projects and film or art festivals. That`s the main reason that I chose UEA to achieve my research goals.

Apart from academic activities, UEA also offers students lots of opportunities for transnational communications. It is an international university where you can get to know people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. During the past year, I have made friends from Greece, America, Germany, Pakistan and other countries. I went to the cinema, concerts and exhibitions with these international friends, which has not only immersed me in British culture, but has also broadened and enriched my perspective on the arts and life The combination of classical culture and modernity is a main feature of Norwich. Here you can appreciate a classical music concert or fine arts exhibition at the medieval cathedral and then watch the latest Hollywood Blockbusters at the IMAX. In addition, if you are a fan of literature, Norwich should be your first choice as just last year, it was nominated as one of the UNESCO cities of literature.

The University also has a great living environment.  For the last year I have lived at the University Village, a quiet and neat place for studying and living. Norwich is a historical city with peaceful pace of life and healthy environment. The support systems at UEA are also of a very high standard.   If you have any enquiries, they will be swiftly and efficiently resolved by the Dean of Students Office, Union Advice Centre or Library Help Desk.

UEA and Norwich have been so inspirational for me and my studies that I will always recommend them.

Requirements Requirements

Admissions Requirements

  • Holders of the National Senior High School Certificate, Chinese University Entrance Examination or Matriculation Examination can be considered for an INTO UEA International Foundation.
  • Applicants who have successfully completed the second year of a Chinese university degree will be considered for direct entry to Bachelor Degree courses.
  • Holders of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or six IB Subject Certificates (including at least three at the higher level) with a minimum total of 32 - 35 points will be considered for direct admission to Bachelor Degree courses. Details of the required subjects and grades for each course can be found in the Undergraduate Prospectus.
  • Holders of a Bachelor Degree from a recognised university will be considered for entry to graduate study.
  • Holders of a Masters Degree from a recognised university will be considered for PhD study.

English Language Requirements

All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

The below are guidelines only.  Please be sure to check requirements for your specific course.


Test Score
IELTS* 6.5 overall with minimum of 5.5 in each component
PEARSON ACADEMIC (all components)* 62 overall with minimum of 42 in each component


*We also accept a wide range of other English language qualifications, as listed here

*Those not meeting the above English language requirements are encouraged to consider and English Language programme at INTO UEA in preparation for our degree courses.


Scholarships and Funding Scholarships and Funding

Fees and Funding

Fees 2020-21

For full details of overseas students fees and information on fee status please visit these Planning Office pages.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to small increases for any subsequent years of study.

Funding 2020-21

See our International Scholarships pages for details of non-region specific available funding opportunities.

International Undergraduate Scholarships

These scholarships are designed to reward applicants who have been offered a place to study with UEA and who can, clearly and concisely, explain how studying here at UEA will help them to make an outstanding contribution to their chosen field of study and to the wider UEA community. 

We are looking for entrants who have researched the opportunities available to them as a student at UEA, who can demonstrate a track record of community engagement and who can demonstrate how their degree will make a difference to the lives and community around them.

All applicants to the scholarship will be considered on one of our monthly panels and those successful will receive an award of £4,000, £6,000 or £10,000 per year of study

For terms and conditions and to apply, see our International Undergraduate Scholarships page.

British Council China Great Scholarships

"For September 2020 entry, in partnership with the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign, UEA will be offering three £15,000 scholarships, one each to a successful applicant from China, India and Turkey.

Eligible candidates must hold an offer to study a postgraduate taught programme with UEA in September 2020.
These scholarships cannot be awarded in combination with any other UEA award.

 Scholarship applications must be received by:
12 noon GMT on 12 January 2020

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中文 中文




University of East Anglia (UEA) (中文: 东英吉利大学) 位于英国东部著名的历史文化名城诺里奇(Norwich),乘火车南下不到2个小时即到伦敦。诺里奇的国际机场提供直飞英国及欧洲各大著名城市的航班,交通非常便利。


UEA是全球排名前1%的世界名校、英国排名前15的精英大学,也是公认的最受学生欢迎的英国大学之一。在校生15000人,来自世界100多个国家,UEA是一所综合性大学,由4个学系20多个学院组成,开设的专业多达300余种,学科领域涵盖自然科学、社会科学、人文艺术以及医学和健康科学。建校至今,UEA在各领域培养出大批杰出校友, 其中包括诺贝尔医学奖获得者保罗·纳斯、世界文学最高奖之一 “布克奖(小说类)” 三位获奖作家:黑石一雄、伊恩·麦克尤恩和安妮·恩莱特、英剧《神秘博士》主角英国著名演员马特·史密斯、BBC知名主持人格雷格·詹姆斯、以及我们熟悉的中国女演员江疏影等。



作为一所世界一流的知名学府,UEA在英国的综合排名一直都稳居前20位。英国泰晤士最新发布的2017英国大学和世界大学排名的榜单中,UEA位列英国第15,世界第165,大部分课程都位于英国大学中名列前茅的位置。而在2014年公布的由英国政府发起的最权威学术研究排名 - 研究卓越架构评估(REF)中,UEA的研究质量高居全英前10名,82%以上的研究成果都居于世界领先地位或者是国际杰出水平。而真正让我们自豪的是,UEA在最新全英学生满意度调查中排名第3 (National Student Survey 2016),并且是英格兰唯一一所自2005年学生满意度调查评比以来,每年均进入榜单前5名的大学。这个成绩,只有UEA做到了。



最值得一提的是,UEA 也是欧洲最具影响力的科研机构之一“诺里奇研究园 ”(Norwich Research Park)的其中一员。诺里奇研究园是由多家研究机构共同创建的以生物科学研究为主的科研中心,与牛津、剑桥、伦敦一起并称为全英四大科研中心,园中更是坐拥英国生物科学理事会 (BBSRC) 旗下的三大权威机构。UEA借此得天独厚的优势,在环境科学、植物学、微生物、医学、食物健康和计算机科技等领域的学术研究都处于世界尖端。





UEA坐落在风景如画的自然公园之上,其独特秀美的景色、郁郁葱葱森林和美丽的人工湖特别让人留恋,因此被冠以英国 “校园环境最优” 大学称号 (Times Higher Education) 。UEA的校园建筑更是被列为20世纪晚期英国建筑的杰出代表,例如被誉为 “全英十大最佳校园建筑典范” 著名的金字塔学生宿舍群 (Ziggurat)、新近落成的全英 “最绿色环保” 的建筑 “创业家中心” (The Enterprise Centre) 等。校内号称全英最大的室内运动综合场(Sportspark)拥有奥运会赛事专用游泳池,可以常年承办国际体育赛事;容纳3000人的音乐厅及戏剧表演中心;享誉世界的Sainsbury视觉艺术中心” 更是著名电影《复仇者联盟2》拍摄地。


此外,校内设施一应俱全,校内有24小时开放图书馆、就业中心、餐厅、银行、邮局、洗衣店等。就业中心为学生提供各种实习工作机会和求职指导;活跃的学生会经常组织各种活动,有200多个学生社团以及超过80个运动俱乐部,大学生活充实而又充满朝气。乘坐穿过校园的城市巴士,可以快捷到达诺里奇市中心和市区各处。2016年,学校对外发布UEA接下来15年的发展计划(The UEA 2030 Vision),发展计划中也包括了将继续投资3亿英镑给同学们建设营造一个更加舒适更加满意的校园环境。



诺里奇临近迷人的海岸线和美丽的国家公园——The Broads。The Broads是英格兰面积最大的国家湿地保护区,拥有英国第三大内陆湖,自然风光优美。诺里奇是欧洲最具活力也是最古老的城市之一。它历史悠久,文化底蕴深厚,被联合国教科文组织评为英格兰第一座文学之城。诺里奇拥有众多剧院影院,以及博物馆与艺术画廊。诺里奇这座城市每年举行不计其数的音乐会、文学座谈会、电影节及艺术展,以浓厚的艺术文化氛围著称。