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Our free online course covers an introduction to the key skills you’ll need for your studies at university, helping you to get ahead before you start your course.

Higher education is just that: education at a higher level.

That higher level brings with a set of skills that are needed to succeed, including holding a supported argument, analysing data sources and critical thinking.

It’s designed with young people in mind, but we’d recommend your teachers do the course too – why not recommend it to them? The course is hosted on Future Learn and can be accessed at any time during the year.

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You’ll explore some of the key skills needed for success at university. You’ll hear what lecturers have to say about the skills people normally excel at, and the ones they struggle with. Plus, you’ll get an inside scoop from students about how to adjust to a university learning environment.

Topics include:

  • Questioning in a university environment
  • Links between independent study, revision and reading skills
  • Using and acknowledging the work of others through referencing
  • Data and its applicability to university study
  • Textual analysis and how literary texts are studied
  • Structuring thoughts and ideas and its importance at university level

Over 7 weeks, you’ll work through a variety of topics. At the end of each week you’ll get a chance to complete a reflective exercise where you’ll look back on your progress and be self-critical about what you’ve learnt. Self-reflection itself is a really useful skill to develop before you start university.


You’ll also get to interact with other people on the course – you can reach out for help and share your ideas with others via the discussion boards. 

Past students have some great things to say about the course. And hey, it’s free, so what is there to lose?


“This course was excellent and well-designed, with good videos, provoking questions and interesting discussions.” - Abigail

“It has been an interesting journey and I'm more ready for furthering my education.” - Lucia

“The course really did prepare me for university.” - Sukhjeet

“I am now looking forward to the new life as a university student and the potential it brings.” - Tate

"Thank you for this excellent course, for your time and effort in preparing a most enjoyable and transforming syllabus.” - Sophie

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