Summer schools are a great way to give young people a feel for life at university, while encouraging them to think about their future and step out of their comfort zone.

Students apply for a place on a summer school themselves; we need your help to promote the opportunity to them and encourage applications from your students. We've answered some common questions below, but if you've got any questions, do get in touch with your Outreach Officer or reach out to our support team: or +44 (0)1603 591521.

Watch our video for the full low down on what a summer school is like

Who are summer schools for?

Year group specific summer schools are for young people from the local area (Norfolk & North Suffolk) who would like to find out more about life at university. The Experience Uni summer school is designed for young people aged 14-18 with experience of living in local authority care. Young people can apply for any of the four summer schools, depending on their preference. There is eligibility criteria in place to make sure the most-suited young people are offered a place, please note that it is subject to change each year. 

Can I select young people to attend?

Young people need to make the application themselves - with support from their parent or carer - but it would be great if you identify your students who would benefit from attending and encourage them to apply. 

When will young people find out whether they have got a place?

Once young people have applied we will keep in touch with them with regular updates.

How can students find out more about the summer schools?

When applications open, we'll send lots of flyers to our local schools so please distribute these. We'd also love to come and talk to young people directly - we have an assembly session that we can run at your school covering what happens at a summer school and how to get involved. If you’d like to book an assembly in, get in touch with your Outreach Officer or reach out to our support team: or +44 (0)1603 591521.