Preparing for university MOOC

Skills needed to succeed at university

We know the recent news about final exams may have left some of your pupils uncertain about their transition into university. The Preparing for University MOOC is designed to ease any uncertainties by equipping your students with the skills for university learning before they get there. It's relevant for anyone moving from level 3 study to university. 


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Introduction and Weekly session guides

We’ve prepared  introductory and week-by-week session guided that will enable you to facilitate your students’ participation to ensure they get the most out of it. Our guides include expansion questions, further examples and discussion topics. 

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Introduction to MOOC Guide.pdf 128KB
MOOC Week 1 Session Guide.pdf 347KB
MOOC Week 2 Session Guide.pdf 237KB
MOOC Week 3 Session Guide.pdf 316KB
MOOC Week 4 Session Guide.pdf 265KB
MOOC Week 5 Session Guide.pdf 316KB
MOOC Week 6 Session Guide.pdf 292KB
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