If you are an aspiring student-athlete - either prospectively or currently studying at UEA - we want to support you in your journey to achieve your highest potential both academically and on the sporting field. 

For more information on uea+sport's performance sport programme, take a look at our performance sport brochure or view the types of sports scholarships we offer below.


We offer sport scholarships at individual and team level. Please click the links below for more information on the different types of scholarship and how to apply:

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TASS Dual Career accreditation

We are delighted to have been awarded both TASS Delivery Site status and TASS Dual Career accreditation. The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) is a Sport England funded partnership between delivery sites - such as universities - and national governing bodies of sport, to help you balance your studies with a hectic sporting schedule.

Being a Delivery Site means our support staff meet the qualifications required by TASS. Having Dual Career accreditation means we can also provide you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and expertise to have a career outside sport. This may include some academic flexibility if you are a TASS athlete studying here at UEA.

Don't forget, even if you're not a TASS athlete, all UEA sport scholars will get access to our high quality support. If you have any questions about the TASS scheme, drop us a line us at performance.sport@uea.ac.uk.




Hear from Our Scholars

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones - swimming scholar and Environmental Sciences student
    "The excellence scholarship at UEA has allowed me to give my all to my sport alongside my studies. It has provided me with opportunities to meet other aspiring athletes through workshops, as well as giving me access to first class facilities. The support given by the staff has been amazing and they always go above and beyond to make sure we are happy athletes!"
  • Finn O'Brien
    Finn O’Brien – kayak scholar and Literature, Creative Writing and Drama student
    "Being on the UEA sports scholarship scheme makes me feel incredibly well supported and I'm so grateful to be part of an incredibly committed and dedicated community. I know that if I have any issues, both sport related and otherwise, I can reach out to the scholarship team to receive advice and coaching about how to move forward and progress. The scheme also pushes me to work harder and become a better athlete so that I can do both myself and my university proud."
  • Serena Grace
    Serena Grace – athletics scholar and Physical Education, Sport and Health student
    “To be an elite sports scholar here at UEA is a privilege. It feels great to be recognised for all the hard work and dedication that I've put in over the years to achieve my full potential in my sporting career. Being a student athlete places a huge demand on variety of factors, however, I am extremely lucky to have a strong support network on the programme, where I feel comfortable and confident to reach out. As an athlete who has high aspirations over the upcoming years, the staff are incredibly supportive and really do want to see you succeed.”
  • Layla Annison
    Layla Annison – archery scholar and Occupational Therapy student
    "The scholar scheme supports me in getting the right training that will help better my performance and to allow me to go to more competitions, such as BUCS or internationals, representing the University. Having access to a strength and conditioning coach, physio and nutritionist has also helped improve my performance."
  • Thomas Talbot
    Thomas Talbot – frame runner and Economics student
    "Being on the UEA sport scholarship enhances the speed of my sporting development as I can use the top quality facilities to properly tailor my training plan. This includes regular use of the track and newly refurbished gym. This is complemented further by the access to nutrition, strength and conditioning support. As an athlete with cerebral palsy, having access to a physio gives me a great deal of confidence that if I ever injure myself I have professional support on campus."
  • Patrick Croghan
    Patrick Croghan – sailing scholar and Norwich Medical School student
    "UEA Sailing has been fantastic at progressing my sailing career. The club has allowed me to continue to race both nationally and internationally, constantly pushing me to develop as an athlete. The amount of support offered by the performance sport program has allowed me to compete at a high level whilst also balancing my university degree work."