This information below is relevant for UK students only.

Tuition fee loan

Tuition Fee and Living Cost loans (maintenance loans) are available from Student Finance England. The Tuition Fee loan is paid directly to the university and covers the cost of the course. In 2021, any student from the UK studying for their first degree is eligible for a Tuition Fee loan. This loan is paid directly to your university in full by the UK Government so you don’t need to worry about it.

Living cost loan

The Living Cost loan (also referred to as a Student loan or Maintenance loan) is available to all UK students to help with day-to-day living costs like accommodation, travel, food and social life expenses. Unlike the Tuition Fee loan, the Maintenance loan is means tested, meaning the amount that you receive is based on your household income. The amount of Living Cost loan you will receive will also depend on where you will be living. If you have decided to live at home you will be entitled to a smaller loan amount. If you are studying at a London University you will be entitles to a larger amount – this is because the cost of living in London is higher. The table below shows the Living Cost loan figures available per year for 2021 entry students.


Full - Time Students Maximum Loan Everyone is entitled to this Topped-up based on household income
Parental Home £7,987 £3,516 £4,471
Away From Home £9,488 £4,422 £5,066
London £12,382 £6,166 £6,216


The Living Cost loan is paid directly to your bank account in three instalments at the start of each university semester (October, January and April).

To get an idea of the amount of loan you could be entitled to, check out the student finance calculator on the GOV UK website.

Care leavers

University students who previously spent time living in local authority care (for example, in a residential home or a fostering arrangement) may be able to access extra financial support during their studies. Care leavers are assessed as independent students, so the household income of your parent/s or carer/s won’t be taken into account when calculating your maintenance loan.

You are also entitled to additional non-repayable financial support from your local authority. This could be in the form of a bursary, or help with accommodation or fee costs. Contact your personal advisor, social worker or case worker to find about the support you can access.

How to apply?

You apply for a student loan through the Government website (typically via the Student Finance England portal) the year that you are going to university.

Applications usually open in February and close in May each year, e.g you are starting university in September 2021, you would apply between February and May 2021. To ensure you receive your student loan at the start of your course, you must apply before the deadline.


Further funding options 

For those who need additional funding support, there are a number of alternative options available to you. 


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