17 July 2019

My UEA Story: Vick Cheng


Vick, BA Intercultural Communication with Business Management graduate and Chair of the UEA Taiwan Alumni Group, shares his memories of graduation


“My parents and my younger brother came to my graduation. They all felt very excited and proud of me”

Who came with you to graduation, and how did they feel about the day?

My parents and my younger brother all came to my graduation, and my girlfriend as well. They all felt very excited and proud of me.

Do you have any memories about your fellow grads – friends you’ve lost touch with or continue to see now?

I have a lot of memories with my friends when I was studying at UEA. I remember we always BBQ’d during summer time next to the lake, where we enjoyed the sunshine and sharing delicious foods. Also, there were many times we’d burn the midnight oil at the library, studying from day to night.

When you look back now, what’s your clearest memory of your graduation day?

The moment when vice-chancellor called my name and I walked on to the stage to get the certificate of my degree and took the photo of that moment was the clearest memory of my graduation day.

Would you recommend studying at UEA? Why?

I say yes because UEA is such a great environment to study in. The lake on campus is awesome; there are great facilities and you get support from the staff too. Besides those points, Norwich is a nice city full of historical buildings. It’s also a really safe city, so my advice is to come and study at UEA and discover Norwich.

What one piece of advice would you give to those graduating from UEA this year?

Relax and enjoy your graduation day then get ready for your future, looking for a job that you are interested in.

Finally, what is next for you?

I will start my new job in September, so I’m getting ready to earn and save money. I want to get a new car and a new home and keep fighting for my future.


Vick studied BA Intercultural Communication with Business Management at UEA, graduating in 2018. Connect with the Taiwan alumni group via their Facebook page.


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