29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Saket

I got to know about UEA by looking at university rankings tables. From this, I started contacting UEA students over Instagram and Facebook and I was happy to receive positive reviews. I was nervous prior to starting my studies, but university staff helped me find accommodation. I found that there was support on campus such as free language classes and there were a lot of events happening for students to become familiar with the university.

At first I was a bit introverted but students here were very welcoming. It has been a great atmosphere outside of studies. UEA provides a great environment for students to engage with each other and there are ample clubs and societies to join. We also have an Indian society which organises frequent events for Indian students to make them feel at home.

Norwich is a really peaceful city and the people are helpful and understanding. There are plenty of places and history to explore and the cost of living is less than other cities in the UK.


International students

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