29 January 2020

My UEA Story: Royce

I'm Royce Jonathan Salim. I studied Business Finance & Economics at UEA. I have always been interested in Finance and Economics as it allows me to understand the impact of government's policy and financial market trading in everyday life. The first reason I chose to study at the UEA School of Economics was because of the high rankings of the Economics department. The second reason was the wide-range of optional modules accessible to me. So in my final year, I was able to choose from various modules such as foreign language, supply chain management and option pricing and financial risk management.

Apart from the academic excellence, UEA has a magnificent campus and a very sociable student atmosphere, which is why it's often a favourite in the UK for student experience. My favourite spot would be the vast park and lake area surrounding the university. It is a good idea to go around the campus for a refreshing break after some frustrating studying. Joining societies in order to make a lot of friends is also essential and the exciting thing about this is you make a lot of local and international friends which enables you to learn about other cultures and other countries! Last year, I joined four societies including Indonesian society, which I enjoyed so much. This year, I joined even more!

Even though I lived on campus, which I found to be so convenient, I often went to the Norwich city centre to do some shopping and sightseeing. I never found going to the city centre troublesome because the public transport system is so convenient and I always enjoyed my visit there. Norwich is indeed a beautiful small city with beautiful historical places like Norwich Castle and Norwich Cathedral lie on. But it is also not a bad idea bring your friends to town for movies, bowling and even football match!

Last but not the least, the student support here was so beneficial and helpful. I found many great support during my study, especially at the Hub. In addition, I was assigned an advisor to turn to if I had any issues in my study that needed resolving. There is always a variety of support available if you seek them. 

In brief, I was grateful that I chose UEA for my one in a lifetime opportunity and I really enjoyed it! 


School of Economics