17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Onyinyechi Nwaolikpe

Why you chose to study your course at UEA?

I applied to four universities in the UK based on my budget and the programme I wanted to study, I got admission letters from these universities and partial scholarship but I was not satisfied. One day, I came across UEA and also saw that they are offering full scholarship for Global Development. I then applied for Gender Analysis in Global Development and also got partial scholarship. I chose UEA among others because it is ranked among the first 30 universities in the UK, and the course Global Development offered by UEA is ranked high globally. Also, Norwich is a peaceful city with less security issues and living cost is affordable in Norwich.

What do you think is most distinct about UEA?

UEA has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere; the lecturers are accommodating and helpful. There are so many societies one can join and the university is in a calm environment. The learning platform can be easily understood.

What is your favourite thing about UEA?

Well, I have only spent one semester in UEA and I love the virtualness – the fact that you can achieve almost everything online. I also love the Library and the teaching methodologies which incorporates creativity in the classroom. These help to encourage independent, thoughtful and confident students.

How do you rate the support you get at UEA from application stage right to the current teaching you’re experiencing?

I will rate it 80%.


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