17 August 2022

Norwich Good Economy Commission – Social Media, Website, and Analytics


The Norwich Good Economy Commission (NGEC) is an initiative led by Norwich City Council aimed at ensuring a more inclusive economy for everyone Norwich. With several core initiatives, events, and assistance projects, the marketing and exposure of the commission has become of paramount importance.

Task / Brief

The interns would oversee the flow of content onto the social media platforms for the NGEC, with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all being utilised to reach as wide of an audience as possible. There would also be a focus on the analytics and data pertaining to social media outreach and the resulting impacts on traffic to the NGEC website itself.

Volunteering at in-person events was also an important part of the brief for the interns, in order to ensure events were coordinated in an effective and efficient manner.

This tied into assistance provided to Social Enterprise in Norwich and the launching of Norwich as a social enterprise place.


By being able to synthesise social media uploads alongside analytics to ascertain impact, the team was able to draw a better picture of how different content was being received. The NGEC website also saw a transition to a legacy format to manage the conclusion of the project in June 2022.


“Emma and Marcus have provided invaluable support to the Norwich Good Economy Commission through their work on the communications workstream. This has included engaging with our key audiences across social media, at events and through managing our NGEC website. They have developed in their roles most notably through taking on greater autonomy in their work and through their participation and contributions in NGEC comms meetings. We have been very lucky to have Emma and Marcus supporting the NGEC and hope that they have enjoyed the experience as well.” – Sam West, Norwich City Council.

Personal Insight

“The opportunity to work alongside the Norwich Good Economy Commission was a great experience and allowed us both to develop a host of digital skills, whether that be web content or analytics. The ability to work alongside FUSE Norwich and be a part of several in-person events and exhibitions was also uniquely rewarding.” – Emma and Marcus.