06 January 2021

Norfolk & Suffolk AEIC ‘Building World Class Energy Research’ Steering Group Research Project


The Building World-Class Energy Research Steering Group is a ‘task and finish’ group, created by the All Energy Industry Council (AEIC) to support development of an ambitious Local Industrial Strategy. Their aim is to support energy research projects and ensure that regional opportunities are suitably explored, funded and implemented where possible. 


The team were asked to develop and send out a framework for capability matrix and questionnaire to quickly and accurately identify regional strengths, expertise, facilities and areas of interest. The questionnaire needed to capture information about the main capabilities and areas of expertise, skills and knowledge.


The interns designed a framework for a capabilities matrix that will be used as a structure against which information will be collected.  They also mapped UEA capabilities, areas of expertise, and skills and knowledge. The questionnaire enabled the group to efficiently gather information, and map out opportunities for collaboration and synergies that will support ongoing developments and facilitate further effective stakeholder engagement.


“Working with a Gateway to Growth intern has been really beneficial for moving our project forwards. The professional manner, new ideas and focused approach Philline brought to the project led to stronger outcomes and made it a joy to work with her."

-Colette Matthewman, Relationship Manager (Marine, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) at UEA

Personal Insights

“Working with the AEIC was a unique experience. Throughout the project, I had to collect data from UEA’s relevant research activities and facilities and develop a complex structure that could deliver a complete and accurate overview of the university’s capabilities. As a result, I was able to develop a questionnaire that will help us find future opportunities and collaborations in the region.’’ 

-Philline Vicente, Gateway to Growth intern