06 January 2021

Norfolk County Council Data Analytics Project


Norfolk County Council (NCC) are one of the strategic partners in the Gateway to Growth project; they provided a mutually beneficial early data analytics project to the Internship Team which provided an opportunity to develop project management skills and an awareness of local government. The project was commissioned by the NNC Skills Development team. 


The Internship Team was tasked with producing a heat map of public transport in Norfolk to analyse access to further education (FE) skills providers locally. Beforehand, there was not an up-to-date map of FE skills provision in Norfolk. The ease of access to such FE provision was also unknown, which in itself is vital to county skills planning.


Our interns sourced the software required and mapped skills and transport provisions across Norfolk. The final heat map was required to be presentable and accessible to a broad audience, and the team developed best-practices to make a quality-checked and rigorous final product. 
This successfully provide an insight into the barriers facing people and companies looking to increase their skill profiles.The results will allow the NCC Skills Team to direct its policies for the coming year. 


“Working with Cieran and Harry was an absolute pleasure. They were hard working, pro-active in their approach to problem solving, and took ownership of the project as their own. Because of this, we completed a great deal more in the timeline than I had expected.”

- Jabez Crisp, Skills Development Officer, Norfolk County Council 

Personal Insights

“Working with NCC allowed me to broaden my skillset by providing me the chance to practice data analysis, whilst also applying my findings to highlight current problems. I had to learn how to not only use existing mapping software, but also use my research to develop a brand-new system, as well as completing regular stress testing to ensure a high level of accuracy for the final product”.

- Cieran Kemsley, Gateway to Growth intern