19 March 2020

My UEA Story: Lucinda

Languages and Communication Studies Alumni

Job Title: Director - Business Development
Employer: Fitch Ratings
Location: Canary Wharf, London

Please explain how your career has developed since graduating.

I have worked for two companies since graduating. First as a Marketing Assistant, building on the skills I learnt during my degree and work placement in France. At the second company, I have worked up from a Marketing Associate to a Director.


What is the most rewarding aspect of your current role?

International travel in Europe to grow the market sectors that I cover. In-house development, three promotions in seven years.


What steps did you take in finding employment (e.g. careers centre, job websites, networking events)?

The experience I gained on my work placement was invaluable. Both jobs since graduating I found on reed.co.uk. I regularly attend CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) events to network with other people in Marketing.


What are the key skills you learnt at UEA?

Marketing, presentation skills, work experience, language skills.


How have they made a difference in your career?

Without the work placement I would not have been able to get my first graduate job as they were looking for someone with experience. Without my languages I would not have got my second graduate job.


What piece of advice do you wish you'd received before you graduated?

Gain as much work experience as you can doing placements during the holidays or during a gap year.


Do you have any tips for current students or recent graduates?

Network with everyone you meet.


If you use languages in your job, how do you use them and what do you use them for?

I work within a European team so I use my languages with my colleagues. However the region that I cover is Scandinavia and I don't speak any Nordic languages!


What is the professional and personal value you place on being able to speak a language other than English?

Professional - it sets you apart from other candidates that don't have a language.
Personal - it broadens your mind to other cultures and once you know one foreign language it's easier to learn another.


Can you provide a short description of an incident from your time at UEA, your year abroad or your professional life which stands out (language related or not)?

My whole year spent working in Paris on my year abroad was an amazing experience, and the main reason I chose to study the course at UEA as it was one of a few places that allowed you to work on your gap year which was invaluable experience to get a job.

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