17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Kanan Mehdizade

I'm Kanan Mehdizade, a former undergraduate student at University of East Anglia.

I spent lots of time on my way to making the right choice of university.  My past academic records allowed me to choose from a range of top UK universities and I came up with UEA.  The University supports me in all aspects of academic and social life.  Getting the most out of your university experience requires effective time management.   My choice was to study finance and accounting.  I would like to say big a thank you to Norwich Business School (NBS) and all the educational facilities at UEA. 

My academic life at UEA matches the targets I set before starting my educational path.  I learned how to think creatively and critically without any external assistance. The finance and accounting course enabled me to understand deeply the most current issues in both the theoretical and practical side of finance and accountancy.  I enrolled in seminars, presentations and talks given by people from industry on a daily basis.  UEA gave me all the mentoring and guidance I needed to understand my field of studies and gain some further knowledge about it. UEA always provides you with the opportunity to learn by yourself and to get feedback from your professors or seminar leaders. The teaching style is flexible and allows you to question and find the answers by discussion and reflection.   Additional reasons for choosing NBS are the exemptions from certain professional examinations and teaching by a wide range of professionals both from industry and the academic world, which have   built me up as a professional and academic person. 

Nothing else gives you the passion to learn and study as much as the social environment surrounding you.  UEA is well known for its campus facilities and provides for all the needs you could possibly have.  Campus Kitchen, LCR concert hall, student union, the shop, the Sportspark – these all add to student life on a daily basis. Apart from the campus, the city itself is very convenient and close to the University. By convenient, I mean all the shopping, restaurant and entertainment places are very close to one another, so that you don't need to spend so much time exploring.  You could either be a movie fan or prefer to spend your time partying - you have chosen the right place to live in. 

I have worked hard to get the most out of my three years here and I wish you luck if you decide to take this exciting opportunity. 


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