17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Erin

It’s a lovely city; I like all the lanes in the middle of the city and how there are always people around.I think it’s really exciting and everything is really pretty.

How does Norwich compare to your home city and university?

It’s very different – the town I live in (Geelong) is a similar size but a lot more spread out. When you go into the middle of Norwich it’s very much a city sort of atmosphere.

What are you enjoying about life at UEA?

Everything! I really enjoy all the friends I’ve made and academically I’m loving my classes too. I find it really fascinating to study history while in England. It’s so cool; in my classes they often talk about Norwich Cathedral, and then I can go and see it in person.

Would you recommend UEA to other students from your home university?

Definitely. The History Department do a great job and all my modules have been really interesting. I’ve found it really easy to integrate into life here and make friends. It’s also a great location to travel from –obviously that’s a big aspect when you’re coming from Australia being able to travel round England and Europe. I’ve been traveling around England so far, I’m going to Berlin this weekend with two other Australian girls who I met through the international events that we did, we’re so excited to go!

What has been your best experience so far?

It was the welcome ball. I thought it was really fun with all the fairground rides. My flat went together and we got there early so we could go on all the rides. We played laser tag in a bouncy castle –it was so much fun!

What classes are you taking at UEA?

I’m taking history classes at UEA. I thought it would be appropriate because the history is amazing here. Tudor England, Anglo-Saxon England c.500-1066 and the First British Empire –you can get a sense of the English history theme! Back home we study Modern history so studying here I’m trying to get a bit of the Early Modern history. Next semester I’m doing: From Agincourt to Bosworth: England in the Wars of the Roses; Women, Power and Politics: The Duchess of Devonshire to Nancy Astor; and Latin for Historians.

I found it really easy to make friends, and being international there is always something to talk about-it’s easy to strike up conversation with people.

Are you living in university housing or private accommodation?

I’m in the University Village, which is just across the road from the main campus. I really like how it’s not directly on campus but still in walking distance to class. It’s also near a supermarket which is really handy. There are six in my flat, with one other international student from Vietnam.


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