Animated videos on ‘Volunteering’ for CareerCentral and the Institute for Volunteering Research at UEA


The Institute for Volunteering Research (IVR) and UEA Careers Service, CareerCentral, identified the need for some short, plain English, light-hearted and entertaining videos to introduce UEA students to issues such as ‘What is volunteering?’, ‘Where can I volunteer?’, ‘What are the benefits of volunteering?’ and ‘What are the benefits of volunteering for the volunteer?’ In addition, they sought a video to describe what the IVR does. 



Task / Brief 

The team were to use guidance and existing evidence provided by IVR to script, animate and provide human voiceover for 12 videos meeting the specifications of CareerCentral and the Institute for Volunteering Research. For this, IVR provided software from Vyond. The team was also to undertake limited market testing with guidance.


The team produced 12 animated videos about ‘volunteering’ for CareerCentral and the Institute for Volunteering Research to be used on social media. The videos were launched during Volunteers’ Week 2021 to support promotion of UEA, the IVR and specific events, and will be used by CareerCentral on their website to support students. Furthermore, as IVR holds the copyright, the animations are a cornucopia of still images and short clips to be used in IVR presentations and publications. 


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team of Gateway to Growth interns who brought great enthusiasm and creative energy to the project. The team was courteous, punctual, insightful and supportive throughout. They provided regular updates via email and video meetings and were clear on the project requirements and timeline from the start, delivering a valuable product on time, meeting all the specified aims, exceeding expectations." 
- Dr Jurgen Grotz, Director of the Institute for Volunteering Research at UEA 

“The team of Gateway to Growth interns demonstrated great creativity and professionalism in creating a fantastic set of videos we will be able to use widely with students through CareerCentral. The team have created something which has surpassed my expectations and 
they should be very proud of their work. It’s been a pleasure to be involved in the project with you all and see an idea take shape and become a reality.” 
- Kerensa Rands, Volunteering and Mentoring Administrator, CareerCentral at UEA 

Personal Insights 

“Working with Jurgen and my fellow interns was a super enjoyable experience all round. My role within this project was to coordinate with the team regarding the content and script of each animation, and then to bring the ideas to life using online animation software. I learned so much about concept creation, video editing, and production which I never expected to cover within this internship. I am so pleased that we were able to be involved in something worthwhile to the IVR, and learn new skills along the way!” 
- Zara Krischer, Gateway to Growth Intern