17 June 2019

My UEA Story: Angela Onele

Choosing Education and Development course at UEA was a long term decision as this was influenced by the work of Dr Hannah Hoechner in Islamic education in Northern Nigeria. I wanted a place where my lecturer can connect to my background and understanding of what educational development and acceptance is from my context. Secondly, Catherine Jere was influential too as she has worked in Malawi and some other countries in Africa. Diversity in understanding matters to me. Apart from these, modules of this course at UEA is detailed to enhance professional and academic expertise.

Most distinct thing about UEA is the student support from the ARM team, friendliness of lecturers. As an international student this was vital to me as it helped me in settling in and getting along.

It's difficult to say one favorite thing about Norwich, there are a lot. It cannot be limited to one however; it was fun walking through the oldest road in Norwich, having the Sunday hot chocolate at Cafe Nero and meeting amazing people. You cannot ignore the Christmas walk way in Norwich. It is amazing.

Support? The ARM team was (and still) like a family encouraging and putting in everything for my next bold step. It was more than support. From regular MS team call, links for easy access to calls from the Nigerian student representative. I will give 11, with 10 as the highest.


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