Module Leader: Dr Georgia Philip (g.philip@uea.ac.uk)

Module Teacher: Dr Georgia Philip

Credit value: 20 MA credits,

Autumn Semester Module fee: £495

Submission of summative assessed work: February 2020, date to be confirmed

Credits from this module can be put towards a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, MA in Advanced Social Work or MA Mental Health.Applications are open to social workers with at least one year’s post-qualified experience.



This module aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of social workers to encourage them to work more confidently and effectively with men in families. Research indicates that men are rarely fully engaged and can easily slip from view in work with children and families. If professionals do not engage and involve men, assessments may not accurately reflect the balance of risks or resources presented by men in relation to children they care for. The lack of a full assessment of this kind potentially endangers children and excludes men. Research findings will be used in the module to understand the perspectives and experiences of men and their encounters with the wider world of child welfare and child protection specifically. The value of understanding men’s life narratives, including of separation and loss, aids safer, more inclusive relationship based practice.

The module is suitable for experienced practitioners working in any children and families setting (for example child in need, edge of care and child protection teams, as well as residential and foster care, children with disabilities teams etc.)

The module will engage with relationship and strengths-based approaches.

The knowledge base will include:

  • Sociological research about gender and contemporary family life.
  • Research about social and child welfare inequalities
  • Policy, law and research about men as parents and carers in different contexts

This module will address requirements for the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and the Knowledge and Skills Statements - specifically 1) Relationships and Effective Direct Work, 2) Communication 6) Child and Family Assessment and 7) Analysis, Decision Making and Review.



2 days of teaching followed by a half-day workshop facilitated by the module leader. Relevant guidance and required readings will be provided via the UEA online platform Blackboard. It is essential that students register for, and access this.



By the end of the module you will be able to:

  • Critically reflect on the significance of gender difference in working with parents
  • Have applicable knowledge for building working relationships with fathers or father figures
  • Fully assess the balance of men’s strengths and risks
  • Plan and implement more effective support for men’s parenting, to provide better outcomes for children
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities for working with non-resident fathers 
  • Understand the value for practice of current research on fatherhood and men’s lives



The workshop will be a forum for students to discuss their formative assignment, namely a written plan for piece of direct work with a father/father figure with a discussion of how this informed by relevant research. The summative or final assessment is a 4000 word essayusing one of the following titles:

Why should social workers work more effectively with fathers? Discuss with reference to current social work research and example(s) from your own practice.

What are the challenges facing social workers trying to work effectively with non-resident fathers? Discuss with reference to current social work research and example(s) from your own practice.

Submission date for the final assessment: (TBC) February 2020



19th September 2019, 9.30am-4pm

24th October 2019, 9.30am-4pm

Workshop: 5th December 2019, 9.30am-12.30pm

Coffee/tea on arrival, morning and afternoon is provided.

Lunch is not provided.

Venue: To be confirmed (Norwich)



Please contact your agency Workforce Development Department about the application process. If this is your first CPD module at UEA you will need to register with UEA Admissions. If this is a second or further CPD module you will need to enrol through the Postgraduate Learning and Teaching Hub (ZICER Building): 01603 592071.

Please ensure you have approval from your agency before you enrol.

Applications for 2019-20 should be submitted to UEA by 19th August 2019

Please be aware that teaching, assessment dates and venues, are subject to change. All up to date information will be available via your UEA Evision account once you are enrolled onto the module.