Module Leader: Gill Whadcoat (g.whadcoat@uea.ac.uk)

Module teacher: Gill Whadcoat

Credit value: 20 M Level credits

Teaching dates: Monday 27th January 2020 and Friday 21st February 2020.

Module fee: £612

Submission of summative assessed work: 20th April 2020


Credits from this programme can be put towards a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, MA in Advanced Social Work or MA Mental Health. Applications are open to social workers with at least one year’s post-qualified experience.



NB: This module is an introduction to leadership and management in that it gives an overview of the subject, but it does not need to be taken before the other two modules. They may be taken in any order.

This 20-credit distance learning module is intended for professionals from child/family and adult care services with backgrounds in social work, health and education. It provides an introduction to key concepts in management and leadership and considers their application in health and social care settings. It aims to promote candidates' reflection on their own leadership and management style and increase their knowledge and skills

The Models of Leadership and Management module is aimed at managers and practitioners at the Experienced Social Worker level and above, who are moving into supervisory and/or managerial roles within their organisation; or who are already operating at this level.



This particular model is delivered by distance learning, with one face-to-face tutorial session.




  • Understanding of the links between concepts of leadership and management
  • Critical appraisal of current theories of leadership and management and their applicability in a social work and social care context
  • Understanding effective and responsible exercise of different sources of power, including one’s own.


  • The ability to provide leadership within practice settings in order to facilitate development and contribute to high quality services
  • Conscious exercise and control of own influence and power.
  • The ability to make informed and balanced judgements


Professional Capabilities Framework/Knowledge and Skills Statements

In view of the focus on leadership and management the module links into the Social Work Manager pathway in the PCF. The learning in the module is able to be applied at the Experienced, Advanced and Strategic levels, depending on the experience and role of the candidate. The content of the module is relevant to the Knowledge and Skills Statements for Practice Leaders and Supervisors, specifically elements of:

  • Effective use of power and authority
  • Confident analysis and decision making
  • Purposeful and effective social work



An electronically - based learning pack will be available to students providing readings, which will introduce models and research about leadership and its function in organisational management.

Guided activities are included in the learning pack which are designed to develop thinking around key concepts and possible solutions to organisational and individual leadership and management dilemmas.

The student’s own reading and reflection on their experience will form part of the activity content and they will be encouraged to use ‘live’ examples to focus their developing skills and knowledge. The module leader will be available to course members as an academic advisor and there will be one tutorial session held at UEA.



Formative assessment

  • A piece of work based around an analysis of leadership and management models due 2 nd March 2020

Summative assessment

  • An applied analytical essay of 3,000 words linked to ideas about leadership and management. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate evidence of learning from the tutorial, the reading, activities and from relevant wider reading due 20th April.


Expected time spent by students

For 20 credits: 200 effort hours.



Monday 27th January 2020

Venue: TPSC

Friday 21st February 2020

Venue: SCI 1.50

Lunch is not provided, but tea/coffee will be provided.



Please contact your agency Workforce Development Department about the application process. If this is your first CPD module at UEA you will need to register with UEA Admissions. If this is a second or further CPD module you will need to enrol through the Postgraduate Learning and Teaching Hub (ZICER Building): 01603 592071.

Please wait until you have approval from your agency before you enrol.

Applications for 2019-20 should be submitted to UEA by Thursday 19th December.

Please be aware that teaching, assessment dates and venues, are subject to change. All up to date information will be available via your UEA Evision account once you are enrolled onto the module.