Module leader: Gill Whadcoat (g.whadcoat@uea.ac.uk)

Module teaching: Dr Chris Beckett, Richard Brook, Mark Gregory

Credit value: 20 Level 7 (M) credits, Autumn Semester

Module fee: £612

Formative assessment submission: 17th October 2019

Summative assessment submission: 24th February 2020


Credits from this module can be put towards a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, MA in Advanced Social Work or MA Mental Health. Applications are open to social workers with at least one year’s post-qualified experience.



This module is aimed at managers and practitioners at the Experienced Social Worker level of the Professional Capabilities Framework who are moving into supervisory and/or management roles within their organisation. It will support participants to evidence the Knowledge and Skills Statements for Practice Leaders and Practice Supervisors. The module examines theory, policy and current practice in induction, performance appraisal and supervision. It draws on aspects of day-to-day operational management, including clarifying role parameters and accountability in supervising, mentoring and developing staff.

The module combines direct teaching with experiential learning and reflective writing. This module includes four full days of teaching, in two blocks.




  • Critically appraise models of staff induction, mentoring and supervision.
  • A developed critical understanding of the policies, models and role of performance management in modern social work/social care environments
  • A critical awareness of key factors in the interface between policy, resource management and practice priorities.


  • Clarity about style, its impact on colleagues and its appropriateness to context.
  • The ability to engage in health and social care management in a manner consistent with the aims, values and ethics of social work, health and social care.
  • The ability to support, mentor, supervise and manage others enabling them to identify and explore issues and improve their own practice, with a view to promoting competent and confident work, and optimising outcomes for service users



The module addresses all domains within the PCF at the Experienced Social Worker, Advanced and Strategic levels. Its particular emphasis is on the following domains:

  • Critical Reflection & Analysis.
  • Contexts & Organisations.
  • Professional Leadership.
  • Interventions & Skills.


The module supports the following elements of the Knowledge and Skills Statements for Practice Supervisors:

  • Promote and govern excellent practice
  • Developing excellent practitioners
  • Effective use of power and authority
  • Confident analysis and decision making
  • Purposeful and effective social work
  • Emotionally intelligent practice supervision
  • Performance management and improvement



  • The function of supervision within human services organisations and the link between effective supervision and positive outcomes for service users.
  • The role of the supervisor in developing critical thinking and the link between critical thinking and relationship based practice.
  • The supervisory role, tasks, and skills required in the identification and management of underperformance including avoiding the set up to fail cycle.
  • A critical overview of current models of staff support, mentoring and supervision and their applicability in social work and care agencies.
  • Anxiety and the supervision process.
  • The role of the supervisor in induction, appraisal and continuing professional development.



The teaching, in two two-day blocks, will be delivered by professionals who will who will draw on their own experience as managers and supervisors of social workers, as well as on the academic literature on this subject.

Students will be asked to complete a draft of the first part of the assessment between the first two days and the second two days, so as to be able to receive feedback from the module teachers and their peers. The second two days will conclude with further guidance on the assignment task.



For 20 credits: 200 effort hours: 25 hours teaching, 75 hours independent study 100 hours learning in practice. The module is taught in two blocks of two full days.



  1. Write up and evaluation of an actual supervision session (1,500 words).

  2. A self-assessment of yourself as a supervisor including an action plan, areas to work on, and things you are going to do differently in your practice as a supervisor (3,500 words).


Formative assessment submission: 17th October 2019

Summative assessment submission: 24th February 2020



11th & 12th September 2019

16th & 17th October 2019


VENUE: To be confirmed (Norwich)



Please contact your agency Workforce Development Department about the application process. If this is your first CPD module at UEA you will need to register with UEA Admissions. If this is a second or further CPD module you will need to enrol through the Postgraduate Learning and Teaching Hub (ZICER Building): 01603 592071. 


Please wait until you have approval from your agency before you enrol. Once you are enrolled, please check you have access to Blackboard before the first teaching date.

Applications for 2019-20 should be submitted to UEA by 9th August 2019.

Please be aware that teaching, assessment dates and venues, are subject to change. All up to date information will be available via your UEA Evision account once you are enrolled onto the module.