Module leader: Dr Laura Cook (l.cook@uea.ac.uk)

Module Teacher: Dr Laura Cook

Credit value: 20 Level 7 (M) credits

Module fee: £495

Submission of summative assessed work: 3pm, 12th February 2020 (Essex cohort); 3pm, 24th June, 2020 (Norfolk/Suffolk cohort).


Credits from this module can be put towards a Postgraduate Certificate, a Postgraduate Diploma the MA in Advanced Social Work or MA Mental Health. Applications are open to social workers with at least one year’s post-qualifying experience. This module is best suited for Child and Family Social Workers who regularly undertake assessment visits in the course of their work.



Home visiting is integral to social work practice with children and families. This module aims to increase the knowledge, resilience and skills of social workers in assessing, engaging and supporting families in the context of the home visit.

This innovative module draws on the latest research into the cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of social work decision-making and practice. The module is intended for child and family social workers who undertake assessment work involving home visits.


The module will cover:

  • The assessment of risk, need and family dynamics during the social work home visit 
  • Relevant theory and research about professional judgement in social work, including sources of cognitive bias and error
  • The concept of professional resilience and strategies for managing the emotional demands of work with children and families 
  • Skills for managing the home visit, effective communication with children and families and working with resistance 
  • Use of self during the home visit, including use of role, appropriate authority and relationship-based engagement with children and their families



  • Enhanced professional judgement, including a recognition of the mechanics of decision-making, awareness of bias and ability to generate and test multiple hypotheses
  • Increased professional resilience, including an awareness of how emotional responses can affect decision-making
  • Increased confidence and skills in carrying out home visits, including the management of challenging encounters with children and families

The module addresses the following domains within the current Knowledge and Skills Statement for approved Child and Family Practitioners (KSS):

  • Relationships and effective direct work (KSS1)
  • Communication (KSS2)
  • Child and family assessment (KSS6)
  • Analysis, decision-making, planning and review (KSS7)



The module comprises two teaching days and a half-day assignment workshop. The teaching days will explore three key aspects of the home visit (sense-making, self-regulation and managing the encounter). Each teaching day will combine direct teaching, discussion and group activities. The module is accompanied by an electronic workbook containing key readings, additional reflective activities and the assignment guidelines. Guided activities included in the workbook will help students prepare for the written assignment.



For the formative assignment, students will engage in a critical analysis of a home visit facilitated by the module leader. This will allow students to receive critical feedback and will assist them with the summative assignment for the module. For the summative assignment, candidates will submit a 4,000 word critical analysis of a home visit. See submission dates below.



South (Essex)

Day 1: Tuesday 24th September 2019 (9.30 – 4.30)

Day 2: Wednesday 16th October 2019 (9.30 – 4.30)

Half-day essay workshop: Thursday 21st November 2019 (1pm – 4pm)

Venue: To be confirmed (Essex)

Submission of assignment: 3pm, 12th February, 2020


North (Norfolk and Suffolk)

Day 1: Thursday 23rd Jan 2020: 9.30-4.30

Day 2: Thursday 20th Feb 2020: 9.30-4.30

Half-day essay workshop: Thursday 19th March 2020: 9.30 – 1pm

Venue: To be confirmed (Norwich)

Lunch is not provided.

Submission of assignment: 3pm, 24th June, 2020.



Please contact your agency Workforce Development Department about the application process. If this is your first CPD module at UEA you will need to register with UEA Admissions. If this is a second or further CPD module you will need to enrol through the Postgraduate Learning and Teaching Hub (ZICER Building): 01603 592071.

Please ensure you have approval from your agency before you enrol.

Applications for 2019-20 should be submitted by 6th August 2019 (Essex); and 19th December 2019 (Norfolk/Suffolk)

Please be aware that teaching, assessment dates and venues, are subject to change. All up to date information will be available via your UEA Evision account once you are enrolled onto the module.