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The cultural politics, communications and media group explores the everyday nature of power, its lived experience as oppression and privilege. We examine the importance of identity, and how it structures the socio-political landscape, and we interrogate ideology and the way it takes shape in a digital world. In all these processes, we understand the role of the media and the importance of culture as central.

Our research examines social movements, explores the window that critical theory opens on power relations, and asks questions about regulation and governance of these fields, particularly as digital technologies present new challenges for established models of understanding. We look at how media and politics connect, and how individual experience of political affect can be aggregated into potent collectivities. We draw on political science, cultural studies, media theory, media regulation, journalism, psychology, and area studies.

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The cultural politics, communications and media group includes the following researchers:

Sally Broughton-Micova,media regulation

Delia Dumitrescu,political communication, public opinion, elections and campaigns, media framing

Alan Finlayson, political thought, social theory, cultural studies, rhetoric, ideology, interpretive methods, critical policy studies, democratic theory, agonism, cultural politics

Alexandria Innes, critical security studies, feminist security studies, ontological security, migration journeys, the politics of asylum, human trafficking, human smuggling, illicit movement of people, experiential methods

Ben Little, activism, politics of digital culture, generation, comic books and graphics novels

Hazel Marsh, Latin American film and media, popular culture, and the history, societies and political cultures of Latin America

Marina Prentoulis, political activism, politics and the media

John Street, copyright and copyright policy, the politics of music, celebrity politics, political communication

Mark Wells, practical media

Helen Warner, gender, production culture and the creative industries.

Alex Williams, hegemony, political strategy, digital cultures, digital politics, digital platforms, Marxism, social movements, politics of work

The cultural politics, communications and media group includes the following research students:

Briony Hannell

Xing Huang

Sara Vilar Lluch

James Sampere Peacock

Kasia Piwnicka

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For queries about this research group, please contact Dr Ben Little.

Prospective research students with interests in cultural politics, communications and media are invited to visit the postgraduate research page for general enquiries, or contact Dr Simon Curtis.