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Chair of Group: Professor Olga Tregaskis

Deputy Chair :  Dr Josie Kinge

The group comprises academics and researchers with interests across a range of social sciences and professional practice concerned with human experience and social functioning in the workplace. The group has a distinctive combination of disciplines and perspectives.

The group integrates economic, legal, psychological and sociological analysis of labour market dynamics, human resources management and the human and social factors involved in operations management.

Members of the group have a range of interests that fall into three major areas: labour markets and institutions; employment and human resources; the design of work and teams.

Labour markets & institutions

Work in this theme is concerned with the analysis and understanding of how organisational environments influence the social aspects of organisations and human resources management.  Included in this theme is work on the impact of different economic systems, labour market dynamics and legal regulation on how organisations manage people, how workers experience work and organisational governance.

Research by members of staff in this group has been supported by grants from the European Commission, Economic and Social Research Council and Canadian Government Faculty Research Scholarships.

Staff work with organisations such as trades unions, pension funds, scientific organisations and government institutions, with work conducted in the UK, Europe and Canada.

Staff have published their work in journals such as the Economic JournalJournal of Population Economics and Economic and Industrial Democracy.

Coordinating Actors: Managing the Human Resource Ecosystem in a Liberal Market Economy

This project analyses UK private-sector managers who coordinate with actors outside the firm on human resource supply issues, through associational activity,or interactions with skills, education, and governmental institutions. Using a novel mixed-methods approach, it aims to gain insights on what is required – in terms of individual competencies, firm-level support, or institutional incentives – in order formanagers to develop capacity as “coordinating actors” in the UK institutional context.

We aim to inform institutionalist analysis of the UK employment system, by going beyond the common characterisation of the UK as a liberal market economy with little active coordination, and instead investigating, from the bottom up, what capacity managers have for shaping the human resource ecosystem. Equally, we aim to inform the human resource management (HRM) literature, by providing insights into the individual competencies and organisational supports required to develop managers as coordinating actors, in the interest of improving firm-level human resource supply.

Research Team

Prof Phil Almond[1], Olga Tregaskis[2], Dr Peter Butler,

[1] Faculty of Business and Law, De Montfort University

[2] NBS Employment Systems and Institutions Group, UEA.


Key members of staff in this area are:

Dr Sara Connolly

Dr Susan Sayce

Current PhD candidates are:

Cigdem Gedikli

Mohammad Ta'Amnha

Work in this theme is connected to work in the labour and human resource theme through comparative analysis of organisational processes in different contexts.

Employment & Human resources

Work in this theme is concerned with organisational processes, formal and informal, and systems, and relates to areas such as control systems, organisational change, organisational design, and co-operation in the workplace. Work in this theme relates to employment relations, including work on employee voice, partnership and emergent work practices. There is also specific work on high performance work systems.

Research by members of staff in this group has been supported by grants from the Economic and Social Research Council, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Marie Curie Research Fund. Some of the research in this theme is also supported through membership of the INTREPID network of human resource management researchers across 10 countries and four continents.

Staff work with and research multinational corporations, health and educational services organisations and information technology firms, and work includes data from many countries including:  with collaborating organisations and researchers from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, India, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Spain and USA as well the UK.

Staff have published their work in journals such as the British Journal of Industrial RelationsHuman RelationsHuman Resource Management and International Labor Relations Review.

Key members of staff in this area are:

Dr Josie Kinge

Dr Simy Joy

Professor Olga Tregaskis

Current PhD candidates are:

Minoo Miri

Work in this theme is connected to work in the design of work and teams theme through an analysis of organisations as socio-technical systems.

Teams and the design of work

Work in this theme is concerned with group dynamics and functioning, individual behaviour and experience at work, and moment-to-moment changes in human performance and experience at work. Work in this theme relates to social relations in work teams, leadership, job and service design. There is also specific work on topics such as innovation, participatory problem-solving, ethical decision making and employee well-being. This work includes research on the implementation and evaluation of training and organizational interventions. A variety of methods including survey, observation, interviews and diary studies are used in this research, with some of our intervention studies utilising mixed methods approaches combining both qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Research by members of staff in this group has been supported by grants from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council and the Health and Safety Executive.

Staff work with organisations that focus on research, development and design, small enterprises, manufacturing organisations, health services and healthcare innovation organisations.

Staff have published their work in journals such as Human RelationsJournal of Applied PsychologyJournal of Management andLeadership Quarterly.

Current research projects:

What effects does implementation have on health-promotion program results? – a collaborative project in four Nordic countries

Organisational resources predicting employee well-being and performance. The RESOURCE project

Key members of staff in this area are:

Professor Kevin Daniels

Dr Annilee Game

Dr Fahri Karakas

Rachel Nayani

Professor Karina Nielsen

Andrew Vassallo

Chidiebere Ogbonnaya