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Research around business regulation, including competition policy and economic regulation of network industries, is supported by the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy (CCP), which was established in 2001 and has had Economic and Social Research Council core funding since 2004. CCP facilitates close collaboration between academics working on regulation and competition issues located in the Law School, the Economics Department and the School of Political, Social and International Studies, as well as researchers across UEA and externally working on other perspectives of regulation and competition policy. Members of the group have advised a wide range of national and international policy makers and private companies, and CCP is a member of The Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE) where Catherine Waddams is a Joint Academic Director.

NBS Responsible Business Regulation Members

Mrs Sarah Allen

Sarah is an expert in business law specialising in employment law with a particular interest in alternative dispute resolution and experienced  as a civil and commercial mediator.

Dr Francesca Cuomo

Her main research interest is international corporate governance, with a focus on corporate governance codes, boards of directors, board independence, board diversity, ownership structure, separation between ownership and control and institutional investors activism.

Professor Paul Dobson

Paul's current research interests focus on business strategy and public policy, including the impact of retail pricing on overeating and food waste and the dynamics of price competition in UK food retailing, and alcohol pricing. His work spans a wide range of industries including retailing, wholesaling, fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications, financial services, brewing, property selling, printed media and books, with advice covering mergers, strategic alliances, market investigations, vertical relations, and cooperative agreements.

Dr Jenny Fairbrass

Jenny has research interests and expertise in corporate social responsibility (CSR), business ethics, sustainability, climate change policy, energy policy, and business lobbying  behaviour with her research primarily focusing in the interaction between businesses, governments and non-government bodies

Dr Peter Ormosi

Peter is a competition policy expert with over 10 years of relevant experience, able to work on both the legal and economic aspects of competition. Beside his academic achievements, he has several years of enforcement and policy analysis experience working for the Hungarian Competition Authority and for the OECD. Peter's research is currently mapped around various topics in competition law and economics, with particular focus on merger litigation strategies, exploring innovative ways to measure the impact of competition enforcement, and competition in healthcare.

Dr Andrea Patacconi

Andrea's research employs game-theoretic methods to examine issues in pricing policies, antitrust and regulation, distribution channels, vertical restraints, principle-agent theory, and oligopoly models of strategic competition. He has received research grants from the US National Science Foundation. the Social Science Research Council (USA) and the Social Research Council (UK).

Dr Nicholas Vasilakos

Nicholas's research focuses on the economics of energy and renewable resources, with special emphasis on the impact of market structures on energy prices and social welfare. He is particularly interested in wind generated electricity and its effect on energy systems.

Professor Catherine Waddams

Catherine is interested in the distributional impact of regulatory reform, both in the UK and elsewhere, and the role of consumer choice in making markets work well. Catherine was a reporting member of the UK Competition Commission from 2001 to 2009 and has worked with the World Bank, the OECD and sector regulators in the UK overseas.

Dr Hao Lan

Hao is a Postgraduate Research Associate specialising in food pricing, food policy and supermarket competition, examining how grocery retailers and food vendors set prices and apply price promotions, as well as adjust product lines in response to competition and business regulation.

CCP research associates

Sven Gallasch
Research Associate

Ana Moniche
Research Associate

Dr Sebastian Peyer
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Tong Wang
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

CCP seminar series

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