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Richard Brown - Mathematics With A Year In Australia


Mathematics at UEA and my year abroad in Australia gave me the opportunity to develop my understanding of the subject and build on skills that I now use in my career. By attending careers events I became interested in an Actuarial career because I could see it as a way to apply mathematics in the real world.

My current role involves embedding reserving and capital results into the business. As part of this, for the past year I have been working in the Canadian Business Unit to align reserving processes with the UK. 

The best thing about working for a global company is the opportunity to move around and share best practice with colleagues in different business units across the globe.

My advice for going into the work place… be yourself and be willing to go the extra mile.


Paul Twinn - Mathematics With A Year In Europe


I had a fantastic time at UEA, which provided a great platform to embark on a career across a broad spectrum of industries, and have worked for national and international branded corporations including Case New Holland, BskyB, AkzoNobel as well as my current company Royal Mail, where I hold a senior management role as Head of Forecasting & Capacity.

My background in mathematics has enabled me to develop a career I love across multi-functional brands and diverse cultural companies.

Employers always look for strong mathematics skills and as a recruiting manager myself, mathematics skills are always something I look for first on a CV.

As we say at Royal Mail; “Be Positive, Be Brilliant and Be Part of It”.