A look back at Concrete 

There have been a number of student publications produced since 1963

Concrete celebrates 25 years in its current incarnation in April 2017. The paper was in fact created in 1973 but was replaced by Phoenix in the 1980s – with copies currently carefully preserved in the UEA archive. However, there have been other titles over the years. See the timeline below which attempts to put things in order and take a look at our online archive.

From 1975 to 1976 I designed Phoenix and helped print it on a multilith printer in the students union. An American friend, Joe Beals from Massachusetts, was editor. Although I was in EAS, this experience helped me to get a job in graphics on leaving, and I eventually worked at McCann Erickson and DDB. Happy days.
One thing I do remember was on the release of a Dark side Of The Moon, it was played continuously over the whole weekend in the students union building.
Bill Grisdale - UEA Alumnus and supplier of vintage gig tickets


1973 - Concrete created

1980s - Phoenix 

1992/93 - Happenings 

1992 - present Concrete relaunched 

1993 - 2010 The Event – entertainments magazine

2010 - present Venue – cultural pull-out magazine 

Other titles

Other titles have included Skop, Decanter, Chips, Can Opener, Mustard Magazine and Kett.