The grading of posts and determination of salaries for research and analogous staff is managed by the Human Resources Division in consultation with the Dean of Faculty and Head of School. Schools and/or Units will be required annually to review the salary and grading of all research staff who will have the opportunity to seek promotion, special increments or discretionary points, and ex-gratia payments subject to approval by the appropriate body, and to the costs of any such awards being met by the funding body concerned. 

The Grade Criteria for the Promotion of Research Staff aims to provide a basis for defining levels of tasks and levels of responsibility appropriate to the five Research and Analogous grades.

Members of research staff whose cases will be reviewed will need to complete an Application Form for RA Promotions or Special Increments and Discretionary Awards and should read the Research Staff Promotion or Special Increment and Discretionary Award Guidance Notes. The process and timings for promotions committee are laid out in the Promotions Committee Process for Academic and R&A Staff 2017/18.

Members of research staff whose cases will be considered for an ex-gratia payment should complete the Annual Review – Ex-Gratia Payment Form and may wish to refer to the Ex-Gratia Payment Guidelines.