The University is fully committed to staff training and development, recognising that affording employees the opportunity to undertake study or training will benefit both the employee and the University. In accordance with the Employee Study and Training (Procedural requirements) Regulations 2010, employees have the right to request time off to train or study and to have this request considered in accordance with a statutory procedure. Further details may be found in the Time Off for Study and Training Guidelines.

In addition, members of academic and academic-related staff are entitled to request a period of study leave. Such provision demonstrates the University's support for, and commitment to, ongoing innovative and meaningful academic work. Details on the Process for Applications for Study Leave are available, but it should be noted that there are significant resource implications for the University should leave be granted and employees will need to detail the reasons for their Application for Study Leave as well as providing a Report on Study Leave following the period of leave.

At certain periods of their working lives, employees may wish to request a period of unpaid leave. Further advice is available from Human Resources.