The University is an international and multicultural community, which values and encourages diversity.  We intend to create a working environment and culture where all embrace diversity; staff and students are treated with dignity and respect, valued in their diversity and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Human Resources and our Campus Trade Unions (UCU, Unison, and Unite) have worked in partnership to develop a comprehensive range of Codes of Practice and Briefing Notes to provide guidance and support for staff and managers in respect of equality, diversity, dignity and respect in the workplace.

The University has a zero tolerance of unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying and is committed to investigating reports of inappropriate behaviour and taking appropriate action proportionate to each case.

The University is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and welcoming culture on campus and in 2017, I pledged to provide clear leadership and support for the University’s Never OK campaign being promoted in partnership with the UEA Students Union.

I regard promoting equality and valuing diversity as a priority for the University and each of us.  I believe that through effective leadership and collective endeavour, we can work towards a culture in which all are valued and equality, diversity, dignity and respect flourishes.

Professor David Richardson
University of East Anglia
January 2018