The appraisal process enables a regular review of the performance, workload, training needs and career aspirations of each member of staff, considered in relation to the requirements of their School, Faculty or Division and to help realise individual's potential. It aims to ensure each individual and his /her line manager are able to communicate regarding the above aspects, and agree the individual's tasks and responsibilities within their own role, and in line with the needs of the organisation.

The appraisal scheme will apply uniformly to all members of staff of the University and further details can be found in the University's Staff Appraisal Scheme Guidance (including guidance for appraisees), Guidance for Appraisers and Appraisal Form. Specific guidance on appraisal for researchers can be found on the Research Staff pages.

Performance Management is the collective term for a set of processes designed to integrate with each other in order to improve the performance of organisations by developing the capabilities of the teams and individuals working within them. Existing university processes that feed into an integrated performance management system include Recruitment and Selection – specifically person specifications and criteria based selection interviewing; Induction; Probationary review; the Appraisal Scheme; the Promotions process; the Capability process; and Workload allocation.