Sensitive, objective measurements Sensitive, objective measurements

The MovExLab facility has three cohesive laboratory areas which looks at Neurophysiology, Biomechanics and Clinical Exercise Physiology. The equipment in each area enables researchers to make sensitive and objective measurements about how the human body responds during the execution of a given task. These measurements range from a person’s musculoskeletal/joint activity, their central nervous system movement control and their rate of oxygen consumption when performing physical activity. 

The data that is collected comes from a variety of everyday activities such as walking, standing up from a chair and picking up a cup. Other activities such as running, cycling and balancing tasks are also used in order to produce comprehensive results and conclusions. The main items of equipment in each laboratory area are:

Neurophysiology Laboratory

  • Magstim 2002  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator
  • Magstim BiStim2
  • tDCS Magstim HDC Set
  • Digitimer (Pre-Amp)
  • Digitimer Nerve Stimulator
  • Digitimer D360 EEG System
  • Delsys Wireless EMG System
  • Neurolog EMG System
  • Neurolog EMG Pulse Generator
  • Biometrics EMG System
  • Oscilloscope

Movement Laboratory

  • X8 Camera Vicon Motion Capture System
  • Codamotion Motion Capture System
  • WalkinSense System
  • X3 Bertec Force Plates
  • Cybex Isokinetic Dynamometer

Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory

  • Medgraphics Gas Analysis System (VO2 MAX)
  • Mortara T12S ECG Machine
  • Dynamap Blood Pressure Machine
  • Seca 711 Body Mass Scales
  • BIA (Body Composition Device)
  • HP Cosmos Mercury Medical Treadmill
  • HP Cosmos Mercury Sports Treadmill
  • Lode Excalibur Sport Bicycle Ergometer
  • X4 Monark 894E Peak Ergometer (Wingate Bikes)
  • X2  Monark Rehab Trainer 881E Ergometer (Arm Cycle)
  • Johnson R8000 Recumbent Cycle Exercise Bike
  • X2 Concept2 Rowers


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