How to apply for the ProfD HaSC How to apply for the ProfD HaSC

Course enquiries

The ProfD HaSC has a start date every other year. The next start date will be in October 2021, to be confirmed.

If you have any queries in relation to an aspect of the ProfD HaSC or would like to discuss your application please email:

Dr Jenny Moore or Prof Nicola Spalding

How to apply

Please ensure that your application is accompanied by:

  • Official transcripts and certificates (in English) of your higher education qualifications.
  • A Personal Statement
  • A CV detailing your work experience to date.
  • One academic reference.
  • One letter of support from your line manager.
  • An official copy of your English language results (if relevant)
  • A Research Proposal of up to 2,000 words

The research proposal

The research proposal submitted with the application is not expected to be a perfect or finished product, as it is likely to undergo changes over the course of the first two years of study, in consultation with your supervisory team. However, it has an important role to play in that it is used to judge both the quality of the proposed project as well as the fit of the topic with the research expertise and supervisory availability within the school. 

A successful research proposal should focus on a viable health or social issue of relevance to you as a professional and your organisation. Please provide the following:

  • Title: Provide a clear and succinct title.
  • Background and rationale: Set out the context of your project with supporting literature and include a sense of the contribution the research can make to the field.
  • Aims of the investigation and research questions: Clearly identify the problem to be explored, the aims of the study and the research questions.
  • Design: Outline your proposed methodology and methods. Provide a rationale for these choices. Include details of who will form your sample and how you will gather your data.
  • Data Analysis: Demonstrate the principles of organising and interpreting the data to address the research question.
  • Ethical considerations: Outline how you will adhere to research ethic principles and practice.
  • Time frame: A reasonable timescale for completion (see the course structure to get a feel for how this might assist you)

Selection to the course will be based on the proposal's quality, applicant’s qualifications, interview, as well as on the availability of supervisors with appropriate expertise and interest in your area of research. 

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