We have a suite of geophysical equipment available for research and student projects. The equipment is also used at all levels of undergraduate teaching. Our dedicated field technician maintains the equipment and is available for fieldwork assistance.​

  • Seismology Laboratory
    Our seismology lab contains linux computers with all the necessary software, as well as a substantial geophysical library.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
    The SIR3000 comes with the option of a 300 MHz antenna with trigger, or 500 MHz antenna with custom cart.
  • Gravity
    Our Sodin WS 410 gravimeter can measure variations in the gravitational field as small as 1 x 103 m/s2.
  • Magnetics
    We have three options for measuring the Earth’s magnetic field with two GEM G857 instruments, one Bartington OM1800, and one FM36 Fluxgate Gradiometer.
  • Geoelectrics
    Vertical Electrical Soundings can be carried out with our two custom built kits, or full Electrical Resistivity Tomography uses our Syscal meter Jr with the possibility of up to 72 electrodes.
  • Surveying
    We have many options for ground topographic surveying, including RTK GPS, total station, levelling, handheld GPS, and laser range finders. We also have a fixed-wing drone with photogrammetry capability.
  • Active Seismics
    We have a Geometrics Geode with 48 single component geophones to be used for active seismic exploration. Sources include hammer and plate, and buffalo guns.
  • Passive Seismology
    Our seismology collection includes 3-cmp broadband Guralp 6TD and 3D all weather Raspberry shakes.
  • Accessories
    All geophysical equipment experiments are accompanied by one of our rugged field laptops with specialised software.