ZClass is a Python object that takes input from a Protein Databank (PDB) file and converts it to a voxelised image. The voxelised image can then expressed in terms of an expansion in a basis set of Zernike polynomials which can be used to make rapid comparisons between different protein shapes.


ZClass is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence and can be freely downloaded and distributed. It is a Python class and needs to be accessed a part of a larger piece of Python code. There is currently no user-friendly interface, however if you're interested in working with us to develop one we would love to hear from you (maybe as a PyMol plugin). There is a PDF file associated with the library which gives instructions and examples on how to use the code. Download ZClass.


For technical details and support contact Dr. Scott Grandison


This software is supplied as-is, with no warranty of any kind expressed or implied. We have made every effort to avoid errors in design and execution of this software, but we will not be liable for its use or misuse. The user is solely responsible for the validity and consequences of any results generated.

Research team

Dr. Scott Grandison, Dr. Richard Morris