The CMSB is a research centre based principally in the Schools of Chemistry and Biological Sciences, in the Science Faculty at UEA.

Since its inception in the late 1980s, it has brought together chemists and biologists in an environment that has enabled their complementary expertises to be applied to important biological problems.

Our aims, roles and activities

The aims, roles and activities of the CMSB are to:

  • foster an atmosphere conducive to world-leading research, through collaborative cooperation, sharing of facilities and sense of community
  • promote at local, national and international levels the research activities of biomolecular scientists within the Centre through activities such as the organisation of meetings and workshops, social events, etc, which, together, provide a focus and an identity that is readily recognisable within the University and across the NRP, as well as to the national and international scientific communities
  • promote the training of PhD graduates and Postdoctoral fellows in structural and molecular biochemistry through the provision of outstanding supervision, excellent research facilities, forums for communication and ideas exchange, and a culture of research excellence
  • promote cooperation with other scientists working at the chemistry/biology interface on the NRP, within the East of England region and nationally
  • provide an organisational focus to facilitate bidding into relevant funding streams.