In a funded intervention development study (Medical Research Council: MRC MR/P016944/1), our research team created a package of support called BabyBreatheTM.

This includes support from a health visitor, tailored online, app based and text message support, support to use alternatives to smoking or e-cigarettes as ways to avoid returning to smoking and self rewards to remain smoke free. 

As part of the BabyBreathe trial women who have recently quit smoking will be identified through their routine pregnancy appointments across four areas of the UK (Norfolk, London, Scotland, Newcastle). If they agree to be part of the trial, they will then be put into one of two groups, receiving the support of BabyBreathe, or usual care, with the same chance of being in either group.

We will measure how many women receiving the BabyBreathe support package are smoke free at 12 months following the birth of their baby compared to those not receiving support. We will assess the value for money of the package of support. We will also look into which parts of the package are most used, ‘liked’ and appear most effective by talking in depth to women, partners and health visitors.

The BabyBreathe trial is funded by the National Institute for Health Research Public Health Research programme

The BabyBreathe Research Team


Meet the members of our research team

Charlotte Wahlich

Tracey Brown

North East
Sarah Brown

Isabelle Uny
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