When making your university choice, it’s important to find the right course for you but to also consider the practicalities of what you can afford.

London is not a cheap place to live whether you’re a student or not. A simple comparison between Norwich and London shows that:

  • The cost of living in Norwich is 39% cheaper than in London 
  • Consumer Prices in Norwich are 17% lower than in London (without rent)
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Norwich are 33% lower than in London

Source: Expatistan.com & Numbeo.com

Norwich – Affordable and a highly rated place to live

Norwich is one of the most affordable places to live as a student according to UCAS and Which. Comparing Norwich to other university cities and towns, we can see that Norwich is, on average, £83 a month cheaper.

Source: UCAS/Which Student Budget Calculator
University Average Monthly Cost
UEA £755
Anglia Ruskin £837
Essex £836
Exeter £806
Leeds £823
Nottingham £915
Southampton £898
Manchester £773
Birmingham £820
Lincoln £880
Kent £821
Sussex £819


In addition to the above, UEA can also offer you:

  • A wide variety of accommodation options. All competitively priced and starting from £87 per week.
  • Subsidised travel – We've partnered with local transport providers to make travel cheap, simple and convenient.
  • Subsidised memberships – Whether it’s saving on Sportspark activities (our on campus sports facility) or free membership to enjoy our on campus art gallery, there are many ways to enjoy university life without costing you more than it needs to.
  • More than a degree – As part of your student fees you get access to all of this.

If that wasn’t enough, Norwich was recently identified as one of Europe's hidden gems by CNN. Low cost living and one of the most underrated places in Europe. What’s not to like?

Budgeting tips from Beth

Whilst all circumstances are different, Beth has recently created the following YouTube video to help you understand more about how much it costs to live as a student in Norwich:


Supporting current students with financial costs

UEA has a range of initiatives to support students with budgeting and to reduce the financial strain that current cost of living challenges present. Some of the services in place:

  • We’re aiming to ensure that all reading list books are readily available in our library. We’re buying extra copies, so you don’t have to.
  • Free urgent food and personal care products available for all students
  • We have a student services fund in place, which all current students can apply for
  • A new opportunities fund to cover or part-pay for the cost of participating in extracurricular activities
  • Supporting the Too Good to Go initiative, ensuring that many of our on campus food outlets are reducing the amount of food wastage by offering it at a discounted price to students

Scholarships and bursaries

Take a look at our Scholarships Finder to find out about available schemes and opportunities.

Scholarships Finder

Further Advice and Guidance

There’s a lot of advice for you to consider. Some of our favourite student budgeting tips are:

Martin Lewis – Money Saving Expert

Martin and the team have created some great tools and tips to help you manage your budget

Which – How much it costs to live at university

There are some great tips and considerations to consider when planning your university budget over on the Which website