3rd annual workshop on behavioural game theory 3rd annual workshop on behavioural game theory

This year’s topic is Psychological Game Theory and the School of Economics proudly hosts the 2nd Workshop on Psychological Game Theory. The workshop will be held at UEA, Norwich, 5-6 July 2017.

Psychological game theory is useful for understanding the implications of emotions in strategic situations. Evidence suggests that individuals care about more than just their material payoffs in games. More specifically, they may be motivated by feelings of anger, guilt or reciprocity, for instance. Psychological Game Theory provides the tools to identify the outcomes of such feelings by developing models of “belief-dependent preferences”.

Leading researchers will present and discuss their latest research at the workshop. Proceedings of the workshop and other submitted papers will form (subject to peer-review) a special issue of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization co-edited by Martin Dufwenberg and Amrish Patel, see here.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Keynote lectures:

Pierpaolo Battigalli (Bocconi University)
Self-confirming Equilibrium and Rationalizability in Psychological Games

Matthew Rabin (Harvard University)
From Psychological Games to the Economics of Belief-Based Utility

Confirmed speakers include: Gary Charness, Martin Dufwenberg, Urs Fischbacher, Georg Kirchsteiger and Robert Sugden.


To submit a paper for the workshop email a pdf to amrish.patel@uea.ac.uk by 28th February 2017. There is no fee for this workshop. To register email T.Cushan@uea.ac.uk by 28th April 2017.

Immediately before the workshop, 3-4 July 2017, Pierpaolo Battigalli and Martin Dufwenberg shall teach a PhD summer school on Psychological Game Theory.

For details of the 1st Workshop on Psychological Game Theory see here.

This workshop is co-funded by the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation.