5th workshop on behavioural game theory 5th workshop on behavioural game theory

11 - 12 July 2019 | Norwich


The School of Economics at the University of East Anglia will be holding a workshop on behavioral game theory on July 11 - 12 in Norwich.  The purpose of this workshop is to present current experimental research related to the topic of game theory.  We are particularly interested in work examining information disclosure and Bayesian persuasion, but all papers that lie at the intersection of game theory and experimental economics will be considered.  The format of the conference will be a small number of relatively long talks, along with plenty of opportunities to discuss research with the goal of generating new projects.  The plenary speakers for the workshop will be Maria Montero and Alessandro Lizzeri.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at this workshop, please email an abstract or paper to Tom Cushan (T.Cushan@uea.ac.uk). The selection process will be selective and a small number of papers will be accepted.  We are especially interested in work by junior researchers. We will cover meal expenses for those who have a submitted paper accepted for presentation, as well as travel expenses (up to £600) and accommodation (2 nights).  In the past we have been able to cover all travel expenses above this figure, but cannot guarantee this until other expenses have cleared.

The last date for submission of presentations is April 15, 2019, and we will let you know if your paper has been accepted for presentation by May 1.  You are welcome to attend the conference whether or not your paper is accepted, although you will naturally be responsible for any expenses.

Graduate students may also wish to attend our PhD summer school course in behavioural game theory that immediately precedes the workshop.