Economics Internal Workshops 2016-17 Economics Internal Workshops 2016-17

Autumn 2016

Open to all ECO Staff and PHD Students

Date Location Speaker
4 October ARTS 2.03

Balazs Sadler

"Porter Hypothesis in the US Manufacturing: A Stochastic Frontier Model"

18 October TPSC 0.1

Lian Xue

"The Effect of Joint Endowment on Tacit Bargains"

1 November TPSC 0.1

Paul Gorny

"Delegation of Mediation in Conflict"

15 November Queens 01.08

Anwesha Mukherjee


29 November Queens 01.11

Liang Lu

"Two Types of Resale Price Maintenance and Vertical Rent Shifting"

13 December Arts 2.03

Lina Restrepo-Plaza 

"The Cost of Consensus"

17 January MED 1.02

Natalia Borzino

"Networks, Spillovers and Compliance"

28 February Queens 01.11

Cameron Belton

"Choice Effects and Charitable Giving"

14 March TPSC 0.1

Han Lin

"The Reaction of Option Prices to Macroeconomic Announcements: Evidences from China's 50 ETF Options"

25 April TPSC 0.1

Weijie Yan


9 May TPSC 0.1

Wenxue Wang

"The Interaction between Shale Oil Production and the U.S. Crude Oil Market"



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