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The Norwich Economic Papers, July 2017 - Volume 16

We are pleased to announce the release of Volume 16 of the Norwich Economic Papers. Volume 16   contains the very best essays from our students in the academic year 2016-17, hand selected by our student editors from the numerous nominations of the economics professors. It also includes a staff spotlight with Dr Farasat Bokhari.

New Head of School

The School of Economics is pleased to announce that Dr Emiliya Lazarova will be the new Head of School from 1st August 2017 for a period of five years. The School of Economics is pleased to announce that Dr Emiliya Lazarova will be the new Head of School from 1st August 2017 for a period of five years.    

New Working Paper

Humans reciprocate intentional harm by discriminating against group peers By David Hugh-Jones, Itay Ron and Ro'i Zultan Abstract:Cycles of intergroup revenge appear in large scale conflicts. We experimentally test the hypothesis that humans practice group-based reciprocity: if someone harms or helps them, they harm or help other members of that person’s group. Subjects played a trust game, then allocated money between other people. Senders whose partners returned more in the trust...

New Working Paper

Where do fairness preferences come from? Norm transmission in a teen friendship network By David Hugh-Jones and Jinnie Ooi Abstract: People’s preferences about the fair distribution of resources vary within and between different populations, and this affects many economic and political outcomes. We argue that a source of these differences is the social transmission of fairness norms from peers during adolescence. We ran an experiment on transmission of fairness norms in a friendship...

Norwich Economic Papers Volume 15

The School of Economics is proud to announce that Volume 15 of the Norwich Economic Papers has now been released. This volume has undergone a stylistic overhaul by the Editorial Board, which has created a highly professional document containing a selection of exemplary essays from the 2016/17 essay competition. Find out more about the Norwich Economic Papers . Read Volume 15 .

Building Opportunities for Research Partnerships, Confronting the Challenges of Migration

The Forum | 23 June | 8.45 - 13:00 This event is an official meeting of the East of England Migration Research Network. Partners will present current research projects and will introduce avenues for new research. This networking event will allow partner organisations and academics to come together in pursuit of research aimed to benefit refugees, migrants and host communities. Register:

PhD Graduate Placement

Natalia Borzino will be joining ETH Zurich this summer as a post-doctoral researcher. ETH Zurich (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) is a highly prestigious institution, ranked 8th in the World Universities Rankings by QS in 2016. Natalia will join the Institute for Environmental Decisions IED, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert. She will be leading a massive field experiment in Singapore to study the behavioural determinants of energy consumption. Natalia recently...

Dr Beatriz Cobo visits ECO

                  Dr Beatriz Cobo visited ECO May 8th and 9th, to further develop the collaboration between the University of East Anglia and SENA (Colombian National Service for Learning). Dr Cobo is the Regional Coordinator of SENA. the main government education agency in Colombia. Her visit served to build on the design and implementation of educational programs...

Stay Right Where You Are

If you’re thinking about Postgraduate study, UEA has a range of Postgraduate Scholarships available for entry in September 2017 across all subject areas. With a reputation for world-leading research and dedicated teaching that challenges you to reach your full potential, a UEA Master’s or Research degree can provide an enhanced professional skillset and experience to help you stand out in a highly competitive job market. And if you are a current undergraduate you could receive a 50 per...