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Professor Matt Hutchings - School of Biology

Matt Hutchings’ work on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been shared and promoted since 2012 with a blog plus TV, radio and press interviews and numerous exhibitions. In July 2014 “Leafcutter Ants and their Antibiotics” was exhibited at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and this was followed by media appearances on the BBC’s One Show and Radio 4’s PM. Matt also developed and presented the Antibiotic Hunters exhibit with JIC colleagues for the BBSRC Great British Bioscience Festival 2014 and Big Bang Science Fair 2015. Matt developed a UEA microsite on Leafcutter Ants and Antibiotics with animations to explain the research and a live feed webcam on a captive leafcutter ant colony. In total Matt has raised £80,000 in his continuing efforts to develop interdisciplinary activities to engage non-scientists with important areas of contemporary biological science.

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Matt is currently working with the SAW Trust to develop schools workshops and poetry workshops at the Writers Centre Norwich around antibiotics research on the Norwich Research Park – a book is planned for 2016. See Antibiotic Hunters on Facebook for great pics and updates.

Leafcutter ants and their antibiotics



BBSRC Great British Bioscience Festival October 2014 & Big Bang Science Fair, Birmingham March 2015 - Antibiotic Hunters Exhibition together with the John Innes Centre

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2014 - Ants and Antibiotics

Media coverage:

UEA Leaf Cutters on the One Show - July 2014


Could Ants Save your Life? BBC Radio 4, July 2001

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