ClimateUEA is delighted to introduce our new PhD cohort, as part of the programme 'Critical Decade for Climate Change Leverhulme Doctoral Scholars', directed by Professor Corinne Le Quéré and Deputy Director Dr Mark Tebboth.


Ciprian Lungescu

Coastal evolution under climate change: historical and geophysical investigation into the Norfolk coast, UK
Supervisor: Sarah Spooner (HIS)
Started: September 2023

Erik Hartin

Art for action: Climate visuals to engage the public and move policy-makers
Supervisor: Tim Osborn (ENV)
Started: September 2023

Amy Russell

Wetlands under threat: Linking microbiomes, nitrous oxide emissions and climate change
Supervisor: Laura Lehtovirta-Morley (BIO)
Started: September 2023

Ellen McHarg

Big fish, small fish: Behavioural insights for a sustainable seafood consumption in the UK
Supervisor: Rosalind Bark (ENV)
Started: September 2023

Will Tallon

Identification of carbon monoxide oxidising bacteria in Arctic soils following glacier retreats
Supervisor: Marcela Hernandez (BIO)
Started: September 2023

Douglas Houston

Linking secondary succession of carbon stocks and biodiversity to land use history in tropical forests
Supervisor: Carlos Peres (ENV)
Started: September 2023

Iona Macduff

Border Stories: Geographies of Vulnerability in the Anthropocene
Supervisor: Jos Smith (LDC)
Started: 1 October 2022

Millie Prosser

Understanding and evaluating climate litigation impact
Supervisor: Avidan Kent (LAW)
Started: 1 October 2022

Alireza Fereydooni

Batteries using biomass and their role in scaling up decarbonization
Supervisor: Yimin Chao (CHE)
Started: 21 November 2022

Alice Hsu

Fighting Fire with Fire: Using prescribed burning to mitigate wildfires and climate change
Supervisor: Matthew Jones (ENV)
Started: 1 October 2022

Alfie Gaffney

From likely laggards to unlikely pioneers: the role of local politicians as agents of change in urban climate governance
Supervisor: Andy Jordan (ENV)
Started: 1 October 2022

Rita Issa

Understanding loss due to climate change through the concept of solastalgia
Supervisor: Mark Tebboth (DEV)
Started: 1 October 2022

Manasa Sharma

Windows into future climate risk: informing adaptation policy in the global south
Supervisors: Rachel Warren (ENV)
Co-supervisors: Peter Emmrich (DEV) and Arjan Verschoor (DEV)
Started: 1 October 2022

Jessica Chapman

Soil Salvation: The Critical Decade for Soil Carbon
Supervisor: Brian Reid (ENV)
Started: 1 October 2022

Clara Kübler

Politicians and People: Understanding Social Influence Structures affecting Climate Policy Prioritisation'
Supervisor: Irene Lorenzoni (ENV)
Started: 1 October 2022

Roland Smith

Understanding Migration Due To Sea-Level Rise
Supervisors: Robert Nicholls (ENV)/ Mark Tebboth (DEV)/ Aviden Kent (LAW)
Started 4 Oct 2021

Grace Shu Lin

Transforming diets for environmental sustainability through experimental interventions
Supervisors: Stefan Penczynski (ECO), Charlie Wilson (ENV)/ Maria Isabel Santana (DEV)
Started 4 Oct 2021

Anna Lau

Other words, other worlds: narratives of a climate-changing planet
Supervisors: McNeil (LDC) / Armijos Burneo (DEV)
Started 4 Oct 2021

Harry Smith

Promising words, evaluating actions: assessing Greenhouse Gas Removal in national net zero plans
Supervisors: Naomi Vaughan (ENV) / Johanna Forster (DEV)
Started 4 Oct 2021