Funding your ideas Funding your ideas

Submissions for the Try it (up to £250) and Do it (up to £2000) awards are now open on a rolling application basis and can be submitted at any time.  Please don't forget the team are here to answer any questions you may have or to provide a sounding board in developing your ideas. 

The Enterprise Fund – £7,500 ‘Grow It’ grants and £50,000 ‘Scale It’ investments -are now open for applications. The application deadline is 17 August, click on the links below for more information.

Please get in touch at with any questions or to see what support we can offer with your application.


Need an injection of funding to kick start your business or idea? UEA Student Enterprise is here to support you, no matter what stage you're at.

Whether you're looking to test an idea, launch a venture, or secure growth for a social/commercial enterprise that you're already running, funding could prove the difference in unlocking new opportunities.

Current Schemes:

  • "Try It" - up to £250 grant to help you explore an idea
  • "Do It" - up to £2,000 grant to launch a venture
  • "Grow It" - up to £7,500 grant to support your venture: to make it either commercially sustainable or investment ready
  • "Scale It" - up to £50,000 investment.

The "Try It" and "Do It" schemes are open to students and those who have graduated in the last six months, while the "Grow It" and "Scale It" schemes are additionally open to those who have graduated within the last five years.

"Try It" and "Do It" schemes

Santander LogoWe are very fortunate to have funding support from Santander Universities to enable our funding scheme. So far we've awarded over £100,000 in both "Try It" and "Do It" seed funding to student and graduate start ups. Why not join them and launch your venture?

"Grow It" and "Scale It" schemes

Both the "Grow It" and "Scale It" schemes have been made available from The Enterprise Fund, which has been established with the generous support of UEA alumni. In addition to providing the financial support, these alumni will also support applicants with their considerable skills and experience.

Please note, that while anyone eligible for the funding may apply for these larger schemes, any applicants will be at an advantage if funding has already been secured from either the "Try It" or the "Do It" schemes.

What next?

Past funding rounds have shown that applicants who meet with the Student Enterprise team prior to applying for funding are significantly more likely to be secure funding, so it is strongly recommended to book a one-to-one coaching session before application. That way, you can discuss your business idea further and identify where your application could be improved before you submit!

The team are still available for appointments via the phone or Skype, to make an appoinment email

The process of applying for funding focuses the mind and the business plan. - Tom Toolan, Institute of Carbon Accountants