BBSRC DTP Opportunities BBSRC DTP Opportunities

The Biological and Biotechnological Research Council (BBSRC) supports the excellence in bioscience in the Norwich Research Park (NRP) by awarding a number of studentships to the School of Biological Sciences through its Doctoral Training Programme (BBSRC NRP DTP). 

Opportunities for studentship in the School of Biological Sciences funded by the BBSRC NRP DTP are listed below.

In addition, you can use the UEA searchable PhD database to browse all available PhD studentships at the Norwich Research Park.

Further information about the PhD application process can be found here. 


The deadline for all the projects listed below is November 27th 2017 



Primary Supervisor

Developing new routes to antibiotic discovery in Streptomyces species

Professor Matt Hutchings

Understanding chemical warfare in the nest of leafcutter ants

Professor Matt Hutchings

Characterising and optimising protein targeting in cyanobacteria for optimal production of biofuels, electricity, industrial and high value compounds

Dr David Lea-Smith

What role has the stem cell niche for skeletal muscle stem cell function?

Prof Ulrike Mayer

How to build a biological decoder – dissecting calcium specificity in plants

Dr Ben Miller

What is the role of the bacterial cytoskeleton in the Rhizobium-legume symbiosis?

Dr Ben Miller

All cells are not created equal: the importance of timing

Professor Andrea Munsterberg

Assessing the complexity of embryonic somites with single cell genomics

Professor Andrea Munsterberg

Investigating the interaction of endothelial neuropilin-2 and alpha5-integrin during angiogenesis; a sticky business

Dr Stephen Robinson

A multidisciplinary study of bacterial DMSP production via a novel pathway

Dr Jonathan Todd

Identification of novel enhancers specific to Neural Crest

Dr Grant Wheeler


Industrial CASE Studentship Interfacing Phytase Biology and Sustainable Agriculture

Dr Charles Brearley

Designing landscapes to support pollination services for the soft fruit industry

Dr Lynn Dicks

PhD iCASE with Merck (USA): allosteric modulation of P2X ion channels

Dr Sam Fountain

Sexual detection: mechanisms underlying adaptive reproductive plasticity

Prof Tracey Chapman

Molecular re-awakening of brain's quiescent stem cells to counteract ageing

Dr Mohammad Hajihosseini

Developmental Systems Biology of the Eye – Taming an Excitable Gene Network

Dr Timothy Grocott

Stopping Bacteria Producing Greenhouse Gas

Dr Andy Gates

Understanding Risks of Long-term Introgression From Salmon Aquaculture

Professor Matt Gage

Mixing it up: heteromultimerisation of P2X receptor and its impact on ion channel properties and pharmacology

Dr Sam Fountain

Characterising genes involved in microRNA turnover in Arabidopsis

Professor Tamas Dalmay

Discovering how microbes and minerals interact during biological metal respiration

Dr Tom Clarke

The role of microRNAs in the peripheral circadian rhythm in cartilage

Professor Ian Clark