BBSRC DTP Opportunities BBSRC DTP Opportunities

The Norwich Research Park has been given a £12.5M endorsement from the Biological and Biotechnological Research Council (BBSRC) in 2014 with the announcement that it will fund 125 PhD students through the Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Partnership over the next five years.

This investment further cements Norwich Research Park’s growing reputation as a leading, internationally recognised centre of excellence in bioscience. The five partners across Norwich Research Park are: The John Innes Centre (JIC) who led the bid, The Sainsbury Laboratory, The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), the Institute of Food Research and the University of East Anglia (UEA). Associate partners are Plant Bioscience Limited, the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and The SAW Trust.

In addition to the £12.5M announced, the partners have themselves contributed £3M to the five year programme, increasing the total number of PhD students being trained from 125 up to 156.

The next round of Selection is now open with the deadline being Monday 28th November 2016. Interviews are due to take place on 10th, 11th & 12th January 2017. If you are interested in any of the projects below, please contact the supervisor for more details.

Title Primary Supervisor

Biomarkers of senescence in the Seychelles warbler  (RICHARDSON_U17FDTP)

Professor David Richardson

Characterisation of a novel DMSP synthesis pathway in marine bacteria (TODD_U17DTP1)

Dr Jonathon Todd

Characterising the Microbe-Mineral Interface of the Biomining Bacteria Acidithiobacillus (CLARKE_U17DTP)

Dr Tom Clarke

Control of bacterial nitrate metabolism and nitrous oxide production by nucleic acid secondary structures (GATES_U17DTP)

Dr Andrew Gates

Developing new tools for antibiotic discovery in Streptomyces bacteria (HUTCHINGS_U17DTP)

Professor Matt Hutchings

Drugging the human P2X4 receptor – a target in pain and the cardiovascular system (FOUNTAIN_U17DTP)

Dr Samuel Fountain

Molecular re-awakening of quiescent stem cells in diverse areas of the mammalian brain (HAJIHOSSEINI_U17DTP)

Dr Mohammad Hajihosseini

PhD opportunities in Biological Sciences for self-funding and international students

Dr Gabriella Keleman (PGR Director)

Pioneering breeding solutions for aquaculture (GAGE_U17DTP)

Professor Matthew Gage

Epigenetic control of cell fate acquisition in developing skeletal muscle (MUNSTERBERG_U17DTP2)

Professor Andrea Munsterberg

The role of microRNAs in Neural Crest Development (WHEELER_U17DTP2)

Dr Grant Wheeler

The soup in my fly: mechanisms of reproductive plasticity (CHAPMAN_U17DTP)

Professor Tracey Chapman

Why do skeletal muscle stem cells need a primary cilium for effective regeneration? (MUNSTERBERG_U17DTP1)

Professor Andrea Munsterberg

Fees & Funding

Funding Status: Competition Funded Project (EU Students Only). For further information visit

Funding Conditions: Full Studentships cover a stipend (RCUK rate: £14,057pa - 2015/6), research costs and tuition fees at UK/EU rate, and are available to UK and EU students who meet the UK residency requirements.

Students from EU countries who do not meet the UK residency requirements may be eligible for a fees-only award. Students in receipt of a fees-only award will be eligible for a maintenance stipend awarded by the NRPDTP Bioscience Doctoral Scholarships, which when combined will equal a full studentship. To be eligible students must meet the EU residency requirements. Details on eligibility for funding on the BBSRC website:

Fees: For further information visit