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Open Lectures will take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 13:00 in the Elizabeth Fry Building, unless otherwise stated. These lectures are open to everyone, including undergraduate students, PhD students, research staff, research associates, faculty and visitors. Please come along and listen to first-class scientists talk about their work in areas of research active within the School of Biological Sciences.

Wednesday 18 October 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Terence Rabbitts, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford
Title: From Intracellular antibodies to small molecule inhibitors of mutant RAS in cancer
Host: Dr Colin Cooper
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 1 November 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Gert Veenstra, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Title: Epigenetic regulation during development and genome evolution
Host: Dr Grant Wheeler
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Friday 24 November 2017, 12pm *note change to usual day and start time*
Speaker: Prof Karen Duff, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Columbia University, New York
Title: Losing your mind: how Alzheimer's disease erodes the brain
Host: Dr Richard Bowater
Venue: Congregation Hall 01.20


Wednesday 29 November 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Jen Perry, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
Title: Sexual conflict in ecological context
Host: Prof Tracey Chapman
Venue: EFRY 01.05


Wednesday 6 December 2017, 2pm *note change to usual start time*
Speaker: Dr Linda Troeberg, University of Oxford
Title: Targeting the endogenous metalloproteinase inhibitor TIMP-3 in disease
Host: Dr Jelena Gavrilovic
Venue: Lecture Theatre 4


Wednesday 13 December 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Peter Ellis, School of Biosciences, University of Kent
Title: Chromosomes at war: how mice with wonky sperm could double dairy productivity
Host: Dr Simone Immler
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 17 January 2018, 1pm

Speaker: Dr Lorna Williamson, Director of Publishing and Engagement, Royal College of Pathologists, London
Title: Getting the message across: turning science into stories
Host: Prof Tracey Chapman
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 31 January 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Gavin Kelsey, Brabraham Institute, Cambridge
Title: Epigenetic mechanisms patterning the germline
Host: Prof Andrea Munsterberg
Venue: Lecture Theatre 4


Wednesday 7 February 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Ian Owens, Director of Science, Natural History Museum, London
Title: For the Learned and the Curious: Natural History Collections in the 21st Century
Host: Prof David S Richardson
Venue: Lecture Theatre 4


Wednesday 14 March 2018, 2pm *note change to usual time*
Speaker: Dr Tim Stevens, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), Cambridge
Title: The 3D structures of individual mammalian genomes revealed by single-cell hi-C
Host: Dr David Lea-Smith
Venue: Lecture Theatre 4


Wednesday 25 April 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Nicola Stanley-Wall, University of Dundee
Title: The mechanisms of building a biofilm
Host: Dr Richard Bowater
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 2 May 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Angus Buckling, University of Exeter
Title:  Evolutionary ecology of beneficial microbial communities
Host: Prof Tracey Chapman & Dr Marco Archetti
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 9 May 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Prof David Gems, University College London
Title: Understanding the causes of ageing in C. elegans
Host: Dr Alexei Maklakov
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 16 May 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Karl Kadler, Director of the Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research, University of Manchester
Title: A day in the life of a collagen molecule: circadian biology and matrix biology meet.
Host: Dr Graham Riley and Prof Ian Clark
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 30 May 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Paul Hoskisson, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Title: Linking antibiotic synthesis and primary metabolism in Steptomyces
Host: Dr Tom Clarke
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 13 June 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Damian Dowling, Monash University, Australia
Title: Mitochondria, life-histories, and the evolution of sex differences
Host: Dr Alexei Maklakov
Venue: EFRY 01.02


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