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Open Lectures will take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 13:00 in the Elizabeth Fry Building, unless otherwise stated. These lectures are open to everyone, including undergraduate students, PhD students, research staff, research associates, faculty and visitors. Please come along and listen to first-class scientists talk about their work in areas of research active within the School of Biological Sciences.

Thursday 13 October 2016, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Gijsje Koenderink, FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam
Title: Biophysics of cytoskeletal form and function
Host: Dr Mette Mogensen
Venue: JSC 0.01


Wednesday 19 October 2016, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Adam Roberts, Department of Microbial Diseases, University College London
Title: Antibiotics and resistance and you
Host: Prof Matt Hutchings
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 2 November 2016, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Claire Carvell, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford
Title: Understanding and measuring the impacts of habitat creation for pollinators on farmland
Host: Prof Andrew Bourke
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 16 November 2016, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Jordan Raff, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford
Title: Centrioles and centrosomes in asymmetric stem cell divisions
Host: Dr Grant Wheeler
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 7 December 2016, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Andrew Truman, Department of Molecular Microbiology, John Innes Centre
Title: Deciphering the biosynthesis of peptide antibiotics
Host: Dr Tom Clarke
Venue: Lecture Theatre 4 


Wednesday 18 January 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Simon Creer, School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University
Title: Investigating biome-environmental interactions using the molecular genetic toolbox
Host: Prof Doug Yu
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 15 February 2017, 2pm **note change to usual start time**
Speaker: Dr David Thybert, Earlham Institute, Norwich Research Park
Title: Mechanisms of lineage-specific genome evolution in mammals
Host: Dr Martin Taylor
Venue: Lecture Theatre 4


Wednesday 1 March 2017, 1pm 
Speaker: Dr Becki Lawson, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London
Title: Endemic and emerging diseases in British garden birds: key findings from the past decade
Host: Dr Diana Bell
Venue: SCI 0.31


Wednesday 8 March 2017, 3pm **note change to usual start time**
Speaker: Prof Howard Salis, Departments of Agricultural & Biological Engineering and of Chemical Engineering, Penn State University
Title: Advancing the engineering science of synthetic biology
Host: Dr Ben Miller
Venue: EFRY 01.08

Eastern ARC Sponsored Seminar


Wednesday 15 March 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Bertie Göttgens, Department of Haematology, University of Cambridge
Title: Reconstructing blood cell development from single cell profiling
Host: Prof Andrea Munsterberg
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 3 May 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Joe Tobias, Department of Life Sciences (Silwood Park), Imperial College
Title: Species interactions: from microevolution to macroecology
Host: Dr Richard Davies
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 31 May 2017, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Brent Emerson, Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología, CSIC, Tenerife
Title: Macroecology and microevolution in island arthropod communities
Host: Dr Lewis Spurgin
Venue: EFRY 01.02

Wednesday 14 June 2017, 1pm

Biochemical Society logoSpeaker: Prof Susana Andrade, Institut für Biochemie, Univeristy of Freiburg 
Title: Novelties on Ammonium Transport Proteins
Host: Dr Tom Clarke
Venue: EFRY 01.02
Biochemical Society Sponsored Seminar

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