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Open Lectures will take place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 13:00 in the Elizabeth Fry Building, unless otherwise stated. These lectures are open to everyone, including undergraduate students, PhD students, research staff, research associates, faculty and visitors. Please come along and listen to first-class scientists talk about their work in areas of research active within the School of Biological Sciences.

Wednesday 3 October 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Qing-Jun Meng, Professor of Chronobiology and a Arthritis Research UK (ARUK) Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester
Title: Circadian rhythms in health and disease of the musculoskeletal system
Host: Prof Ian Clark
Venue: EFRY 01.05


Wednesday 17 October 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Nic Bury and Prof Duncan Bell, School of Science, Technology and Engineering, University of Suffolk
Title: Are we ready for the in vitro/in silico revolution in aquatic ecotoxicology
Host: Dr Martin Taylor
Venue: EFRY 01.05


Wednesday 7 November 2018, 1pm 
Speaker: Prof Conrad Mullineaux, Professor of Microbiology, Head of Cell and Molecular Biology Department, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London  
Title: Vision in a bacterium 
Host: Dr David Lea-Smith 
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 21 November 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Alex Ivetic, King's College London  
Title: Understanding and subverting leukocyte responses to sterile injury
Host: Dr Jelena Gavrilovic
Venue: EFRY 01.02


Wednesday 5 December 2018, 2pm *note change to usual start time*
Speaker: Dr Mirte Bosse, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Holland
Title: What genomes tell us about the history of pigs
Host: Dr Lewis Spurgin
Venue: SCI 3.05


Wednesday 6 February 2019, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Jane C Sowden, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, Uinversity College London & NIHR Great Ormond Street Biomedical Research Centre, London
Title: Retinol development and repair using pluripotent stem cell derived retinal organoids 
Hosts: Dr Tim Grocott and Prof Andrea Munsterberg
Venue: EFRY 01.08


Wednesday 6 March, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Max Reuter, University College London (UCL)
Title: The genetics and evolution of sexual antagonism 
Host: Prof Tracey Chapman  
Venue: EFRY 01.08


Wednesday 20 March 2019, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Keith Caldecott, University of Sussex  
Title: DNA strand breaks and human genetic disease
Host: Dr Richard Bowater  
Venue: EFRY 01.08


Wednesday 1 May 2019, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Erik Postma, Univeristy of Exeter 
Title: Life, love and death in a changing world: Human life-history evolution in action? 
Host: Dr Alexei Maklakov 
Venue: EFRY 01.08


Wednesday 15 May 2019, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Andrea Fantuzzi, Imperial College London 
Title:  Photochemistry beyond the red limit in chlorophyll f-containing photosystems
Host: Dr David Lea-Smith
Venue: EFRY 01.08


Wednesday 5 June 2019, 1pm
Speaker: Prof Aziz Aboobaker, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
Title: Using highly regenerative planarians to understand animal stem cells
Host: Dr Melissa Antoniou-Kourounioti and Prof Andrea Munsterberg
Venue: QUEENS 1.03


Wednesday 19 June 2018, 1pm
Speaker: Dr Elizabeth Duncan, Univeristy of Leeds 
Title: Phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of eusociality: How does the queen honeybee control reproduction in her workers? 
Host: Prof Andrew Bourke 
Venue: QUEENS 1.03


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