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Scientist and Parent: Communities creating change

Women scientists across India are working together to build and advocate for family-friendly policies at their institutes.

Scientist and Parent: A research career and family life are not incompatible

Institutions, funders and conference organisers are increasingly providing support for scientists who are also parents.  Here is a link to eLife's collection on "Scientist and...

Scientist and Parent: Looking for the best of both worlds

Research institutions could do more to support scientists who are pregnant or have young children.

Scientist and Parent: Part of the research family

Children and research projects have a lot in common.  However, despite similarities, family life and a career in research are often portrayed as being incompatible with each other.  eLife is...

How to tackle the childcare-conference conundrum

Conferences are vital forums for academic researchers.  One major challenge is what we call the childcare-conference conundrum: Parent-researchers face a conundrum as they struggle to attend key...

When should you say yes?

I am prompted to ask this question by a whole slew of different events and stories this past week.  The question is in part a general one about what is good for careers, and in part it reflects...

Cheating on my mentor

For the first 2 years of my PhD, my primary adviser was always available when I needed help, promptly responding to emails and meetings with me when questions arose.  But that abruptly changed when...

Advancing equality and diversity in universities and colleges

ECU's Chief Executive, David Ruebain, reflects on what has been achieved in promoting E&D in higher and further education, plus future opportunities.

My children help my science

Children are not just career interruptions, and parents can come back to work as more insightful and effective scientists.

Naturejobs podcast: How to start and run a lab

Starting a lab can be a daunting prospect. This podcast talks with two researchers at different career stages about the practicalities of running a lab and how to manage a group of researchers.

Measuring Up

Denied more lab space for her pioneering research, Nancy Hopkins whipped out her tape measure. What she found sparked a movement to address gender bias in science.

Living Science: The truth is in the distribution

There may be as many ways to think about the experience of women in science as there are women in science. Indira Raman offers one perspective.

First conference in the UK for LGBT STEM professionals

Diversity in STEM fields is an issue that has become more and more prominent over the last few years, with academic departments competing over who has the higher Athena Swan award, and the...

The 5th annual OxFEST conference

The 5th annual OxFEST conference aiming to inspire and promote women in STEM takes place on 5 March 2016. ...

Gender Balance in Research and Academia

EuroScientist's Newsletter

Welcome to this special issue on gender balance.

Bias Against Female Instructors

Inside Higher Ed

New analysis offers more evidence against the reliability of student evaluations of teaching, at least for their use in personnel decisions.

Oxford vice-chancellor: 'Tackling elitism can be done'

The Guardian

Interview: Will Louise Richardson bring more equality and diversity into University's admissions?

Understanding unconscious bias

The Royal Society

Introducing key concepts and current academic research around unconscious bias

It’s a man’s world — for one peer reviewer, at least

Fiona Ingleby , a postdoc in evolutionary genetics at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, co-wrote an article on gender differences in the transition from PhD-dom to postdoc land and...

Methods 5th Anniversary Symposium: A Gender Balanced Event?

The excellent Methods in Ecology and Evolution Symposium was an unusual conference for a couple of reasons:
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